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Thread: What Are Your Personal "Super-Foods"?

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    Question What Are Your Personal "Super-Foods"?

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    We all know that eating good food makes us feel good, and bad food makes us feel bad.
    Are there any specific foods, though, that make you feel OUTSTANDING everytime you eat them?
    Maybe it's something that the rest of us haven't thought of...

    I guess I'll start:

    1.) Just about any raw fish
    2.) Mustard Green/Kale/that sort of thing
    3.) Nori (the dried toasted seaweed sheets used for sushi)
    4.) Beef Heart (lightly cooked)
    5.) Shiitake Mushrooms

    What makes you feel like, "Super-Grok"?
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    Number 1: Broccoli. I just don't feel right when I go more than a couple of days without broccoli stir-fries or broccoli slaw.

    Number 2: Post-workout banana. It really does help with recovery.

    Number 3: Fruit/nut-milk smoothie whenever I'm feeling hot, tired and dehydrated.

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    I never thought I'd be saying this, but mackerel. I think I'm going to have to add bananas to my next Sainsbury's shop (mmm banana mashed with cream and honey (and it's real honey - a friend of my mother's keeps bees) DROOL!!)

    Berries and yoghurt and cream do it for me, too!
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    Got any recipe ideas for mackerel?

    How do you like to eat it? I usually buy it for my dogs (Belgian Malinois) who are on a primal raw diet. Dogs simply don't do well on grains either, and really benefit from raw meaty bones, like chicken.

    You would think we could learn a thing or two from our dogs!

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    1. Dark green leafy veg of pretty much any type, but especially chard
    2. Game meats like bison and elk.
    3. Fish, particularly wild salmon
    4. Garlic
    5. Almost any kind of mushroom, the wilder the better
    6. Fresh berries
    7. Fresh herbs (love 'em in omelettes)
    8. Good quality eggs
    9. Duck in all its fatty goodness
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    Fresh carrot beet juice.

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    Pecans (shelled here at the house)
    The liver did, but I'm still trying to give it a better texture
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    Super Foods go into our smoothie every morning. 1 Tablespoon each.

    1) Chlorella

    2) Spirulina

    3) Diatomacious Powder

    Then we add our favorite fruit & Almond Milk

    Best to all,

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    Really nice idea for a thread!

    Lamb's liver. (Naiadnight - I found organic liver, just lightly fried, nothing special, has a beautiful melting texture. The supermarket version was a bit too much like boot leather.)

    Oh, and roast pork with loads of crackling. Whenever I go to Oxford market I have this for lunch there, and then I'm satisfied, happy, full of energy and find all's right in my world (while I forget all about eating) for 5-7 hours afterwards.

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    - Scrambled eggs (farmer bought, vibrant yellow)
    - Raw fresh leafy greens
    - Steamed brussel sprouts
    - Fish (raw, steamed, fried, in that order)
    - Olive oil (with every meal - I'm just not satisfied if there isn't some olive oil in there... and no I'm not Mediterranean)

    And generally any food that I'm craving at the time will make me feel great afterwards.

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