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Thread: Primal folks, am i doing it right?

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    Primal folks, am i doing it right?

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    Hey guys and ladies, so for a long while now, ive been doing a low carb diet, id say id have 150-200g a day on most days, but this included grains and breads. After reading a ton on the primal diet, ive started doing a full primal diet, cutting out the grains and stuff, and am now eating just meats, veggies, fruits and nuts, and oils. One question i have is as such: Will this primal diet support lean muscle mass growth while keeping bodyfat at a minimum if not lowering it? Im already at about 8% BF and dont wanna gain much fat. See im big into weight lifting and am an exercise science major in college, so i wanna make sure i am able to gain mass while staying as lean as possible. It just seems so crazy to eat all this fat, like for instance, tonight at the cafeteria they had prime rib steak, and it had a significant amount of fat on it so i ate it thinking i was doing my primal diet good, as well as a big spinach salad with broccoli and oil. I mean, is this fatty meat what i should be eating, and will it keep me lean?

    I know this seems like a big wall of text, but i would love some answers and advice!

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    Yes. I'm sure you can do that on primal. I'm not the one to tell you, but I am responding to bump up your message. If you search the primal athletes and fitness sections, you will probably find answers. Or post in those sections.

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    Yes, you will be able to gain muscle while maintaining your fat levels by eating lots of fat. I have been primal for about 6 months now and have lost a little fat while gaining some muscle. I never had problems with weight and just wanted to go primal to be healthier and feel awesome all the time. As a side-BENEFIT I have lost weight overall in the beginning and have added a few lbs. of muscle. I sit at 8.8% body fat without even trying.
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    It will feel slow. You will not see. Tremendous gains, but...yes.

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