Although I haven't had the time to keep a journal, I started this challenge to keep myself on the straight and narrow during an extended August vacation, where the comforts and consistency of home don't exist.

"Comforts of home" also includes my scale - I have always been a daily weigher because I want to see the up/down trends so I don't bug out. What you have is a snapshot of a moment in time, without the context of the trend. Meanwhile there are other signs of progress to look for, as others have pointed out.

I myself feel a bit lost without my scale though. Because this vacation is in conjunction with a move, I won't see that scale again until we are resettled and retrieve our stuff from storage, so it could be a couple months yet or longer.

My scale-less challenge forces me to rely upon those other indicators, and they tell me I've "lost" a few pounds. I've become leaner and smaller - I can't wear some looser pants I brought with me, because the last notch on my belt is now too loose. I had to make a new notch in one belt to keep up. It's very plausible, though, that I haven't actually lost any weight, because a pound a week is the fastest trend I could manage anyway.

**If I had my scale** back for one day at random, I truly would have no sense of what was happening, and would focus on that one number and ignore the belt.

Keep up the good work, and watch out for too much cardio. I had to learn that one the hard way!