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    Grok in the Winter, What Did He Eat?

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    What did Grok eat during the winter? If he lived in a cold climate, and he did during the Ice Age, what did he eat in winter? There aren't colorful vegetables around that time of year, or even green ones. Did he save dried veggies for winter, or store a few apples and onions? I know there were plenty of game animals to be hunted all winter long, but there aren't vegetables.

    Mark himself suggests eating only what is in season in our area.

    Does this mean we evolved to eat dried vegetables, or meat only for months on end?

    Just thinking and wondering, as I see the season beginning to change, even as I am loving all the beautiful fruit and vegetables we get at this time of year. Probably I am missing something.

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    I found last year that I naturally leaned toward a more carnivorous diet. I still ate some veggies on occasion- usually winter squash, onions, root veggies, but most of my diet in winter seems to be meat and eggs.

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    I've been thinking about this for a while. I'm convinced that Grok ate mostly meat most of the time. When fruits where in season (or he found honey) then he gorged. Vegetables were probably ate when in season or when Grok couldn't get his hands on some meat.

    I've heard of Aboriginal tribes measuring things by when they were ate (i.e time of the roo, time of the croc, time of eggs, time of whatever fruit). The Inuit ate meat 9 months of the year and then ate plant matter in summer.

    Anyway, a book you should look at is called Sleep, sugar and Survival. Its central hypothesis is that all our fake lighting makes our bodies think it is constantly summer and this creates carb cravings (which we indulge in like Grok would have - except Grok never had access to our level of carbs) which last all year round instead of the three months that carb cravings lasted for Grok.

    Also, anecdotal evidence to be sure, but eating a mostly carnivorous diet then adding in some fruit makes your libido skyrocket. Or maybe its just spring being in the air.

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    During winter I poach my neighbors cats.

    Nothing gets the blood flowing on a cold winter morning like a cup of hot dark chocolate and coconut milk with a big old slab of cat-bacon. Who said hunting in the city isn't possible?

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    As I wrote in a different thread which conserned the Sámi diet, there is not much to eat when you live north of 60th parallel (as I do). Fruits do not grow naturally this north, although strawberries are technically fruits, so berries are your only choice of sweetness from late July until October. Finns have thousands of years dug special pits on the ground to store their excess turnips and Grok might have known this technique as he probably had to dig some holes for other reasons. Sámi used a simpler version to store berries for winter time.
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    It has long been thought that one of the main reasons humans spread across the world was following herds of big game - this includes crossing to America over a frozen landscape, living off of the animals they pursued.
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    Off the top of my head, all game hunting seasons in Iowa occur during fall, winter, or spring. And, with respect to deer, I've been told that venison doesn't taste good when hunted during months that don't contain the letter 'r' (i.e., warmer months.) It's also my understanding that wild animals have more worms and parasites during warmer weather. So, I would guess that in northern climates, Grok ate more fish and plant material during the summer and more meat during winter.

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    Anything he got his hands on. I wouldn't be too horribly concerned about being completely seasonal and local. You can really hurt yourself if your nutrient levels get fouled up from lack of vitamins.
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    As I said to friends of mine at a party on Saturday, animals are nature's way of storing up greens for the winter.

    But really, stored winter veg and dried foods are probably the things to eat. If you look at a lot of hunter-gatherer peoples who live in cold climates, they have preservation techniques. For example, pemmican generally contains berries as well as fat. However, I am not planning on giving up all veggies and fruits for my winter, but I am planning on going more for the things that are produced in my area of the world and stored for the winter.
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    Meat in the winter, meat/veggiess/fruits in the summer...

    And yeah you definitely get much hornier when you eat fruits/veggies after being VLC for a while, either SHBG function or thyroid but either way it is true. Grok probably did most of his reproduction in summer months.

    Now we have all year long reproductive season !

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