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Thread: Hello From Louisiana

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    Hello From Louisiana

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    Hello all,

    Tommy here from the land of sugar cane, rice fields, and cajun cooking. Needless to say going primal is a big adjustment for me, but I feel so much batter having given up the grains, and learning to eat cleaner. I started off doing P90X hard core, and that's how I found out about Mark. I'm in the middle of reading PB, and I am loving it. I started P90X at 246 lbs (5'7") because the doctors diagnosed me as having insulin resistance with high cholesterol, and high triglycerides (yes I'm Mr. Korg). I was then put on Lipitor, Metformin, Byetta, etc. After 2 rounds of P90X I dropped 44 pounds, and as of Friday I no longer need Lipitor. I dropped the grains about 3 weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds. I'm going to go for another Round of P90x in a couple weeks, but I'm not gonna bring it as hard. My focus will be to adapt (or evolve if you will) P90X to the Primal way, and to continue to clean up my eating habits.
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