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Thread: Question!! Body Composition...

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    Question!! Body Composition...

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    Hey all.

    Someone has recently called me to task on my (Mark's) claim that diet determines 80% of your body composition. I've done some research on the website and cannot find any foot notes to tell me where that information comes from.

    I've got a copy of the Primal Blueprint, but its MIA right now.... so I cannot check there.

    Can someone do me a favor and look that up? Also, are there any other places that would support this claim.

    For me, I have no doubt that this is the case - I've seen it in action in my own body. But for those stuck in the chronic cardio mentality its really hard for them to wrap their head around exercising less. (of course, they'd also have to start eating less carbs too though )

    Much thanks!
    ~primal mama to 3~

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    I think you will find examples of this from people through out MDA forum. I am one. I went from running 50+ miles a week to body weight exercises 3 times a week for maybe 15 minutes. I can still run a 5k in the same time as when I was putting in all those miles but I am much stronger. I can do 3 full HSPU and have maxed out at 10 pull ups in a set. I am sitting at a 30" waist and medium t-shirts. 2 years ago I was wearing a 38" waist and XL to XXL t-shirts. The last time I wore pants with a 30" waist I was in 6th grade. Abs are definitely made in the kitchen and I love that mine are starting to show.

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    Oh yeah! I agree that anecdotal evidence is EVERYWHERE! But where are the studies that this info is based upon?

    Thanks for sharing your experience though - I was actually speaking with someone about running today and wondering if it was really the case that HIIT would also provide adequate training for a 5 k run over the use of a program like C25K. I avoid running at all costs - but she is currently in training for a 5 K and was discussing interval training with me.
    ~primal mama to 3~

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    I think it's anecdotal, and ironically something in common with CW, at least some of it. It's something I had heard over and over on a conventional dieting board before I ever found PB. "Abs are made in the kitchen" didn't originate with PB

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