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Thread: Advice for newbies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattybag View Post
    errrrr, can i ask what putting "bump" means or does?
    Puts it back on the front page, so that newbies don't have to search for it or dig for it. It's a post solely to get it to the top of thread list or to allow the poster to bring the thing in question back to the forefront.
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    ok, thanks, that's what I've been doing so I guess I'm doing it right. one other question, is there an easy way to find my own journal?, like a quick link once I'm logged in? thus far I've been logging in, hitting advanced search (top right, typing in my user name again and then finally getting to my journal page, is that the best and easiest?
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    You can copy paste the link in your signature, that would be easy to find or follow your journal, subscribe.
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    Scotty, you can also subscribe to your journal when you're making a post, or from thread tools at the top of the thread. After that, it'll be under quick links and then subscriptions.
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    Hi all,
    I'm Kirsten and the following is just a rant/help what can I do type of post. I can see my problems and the fixes I would appreciate other's opinions that I got the right answers or suggestions on improvements

    I have been doing a version of primal via the Tim Ferris's Slow carb diet. Pretty much primal but with a serving of beans involved. I haven't been working out as I have yet to really fit it into my schedule. I also cheat significantly on the weekends. I have such cravings and I blame the beans which I will be eliminating or at least reducing. My biggest problem is that my schedule has me up between 4am and 5am and going to bed about 8pm or 9pm depending on what I need to do. I'm driving about four hours a day (when traffic is insane for a small city) and am just hungry all the time. I take a protein whey drink in lite soy milk with Athletic Greens at about 0520/0530, a turkey burger and a few bites of veggies about 0800, lunch consisting of meat, 1/2 cup of beans, and 20-25g of veggies, dinner for me is after another two hour drive usually about 6pm-730pm. Dinner usually is meat and veggies though the last two weeks, its whatever hubby makes as we get used to this schedule.
    The afternoon is freaking terrible and where I do a great deal of failing. This long time between eating is where I don't have an idea what to eat as I would just to another meal. Two days a week I don't have the option of eating as i have Labs for school that do not allow food or drink during class, with one day ending around five, these two days are particularly hard. I have an idea where i need to adjust.
    I think my fear is overeating. I spent two months being pretty strict with the Slow Carb diet and working out four days a week with kettle bells (x2 or x3) and interval running (x1 orx2), both intense short sessions no longer than 32 min at most and I lost absolutely nothing, no weight or inches, but noticed significant gains in strength and flexibility. I just got frustrated over no results on the scale or by the cloth tape measure. Now I am have even more limited time during the week and need to fit working out back into my schedule. I truly do believe that nutrition is 80% of physical health and I am desperately desiring to lose the excess weight of three kids. I'm 5 ft and 170 lbs(6 lbs gained in the last two weeks alone with no diet change and me drinking lots of water). I'm also in the last month of my Depo shot(on it 8 mos), which I am not going to continue (next shot due 7 Mar). Women who have had negative side effects of the shot understand the importance and impact of the previous.
    My problems:
    1. Being constantly hungry ( I can eat the lunch as described above and be hungry an hour or two later)
    Naughty carb cravings, ends up being a bag of chips or a large cookie in the afternoon during my 230 lecture and/or while I am driving the sitter back home (that's the second two hour drive of my day).
    2. Lack of exercise
    3. Needing to be sure I have quality sleep (which I am actually doing ok, most nights i get 8 hrs, interrrupted once or twice by an 8mos old)
    1. Looking at a more strict Primal diet, drop the beans, add more fats, and spread the food across the day, smaller meals more frequently, eat when hungry and have GOOD food on hand
    2. Get the hell up and workout in the AM (I am notorious for hitting my snooze with barely enough time to get dressed and run out the door) or workout when I get home from picking up sitter, only need three days a week for weights Kettlebells now/crossfit a little later (which some days requires more time), always stretch and damnit I just got a rower, use it...weekends have plenty of time too.
    Cant do much about interrupted sleep other than making sure I'm in bed by at least 8, no later than 930pm.

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
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    Kirsten~ I think you're already targeted the areas causing your trip-ups~ ditch the beans and soy milk. As far as working out in the morning, maybe you're not much of a morning person~ instead of fighting your body clock, try finding a time/place when you're more motivated~ maybe an afternoon walk or pre-dinner workout?

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    This is day three of my initiation. I feel life crap, I understand the flu concept but ....quess I wasn't expecting to feel like this.

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    Drop the cheat day on the weekend. I did slow carb and I was miserable. A few weeks after dropping the cheat day I was doing MUCH MUCH better. You'll get thru. I had it rough... you gotta be clean for a few weeks if you want the cravings to drop and your body to final start burning fat.

    Up the salt intake (unrefined is best) & magnesium.. You can do it!! Learn new recipes, get excited about it..find new food that you love. Dont worry about the scale until you are feeling good and are in a good mental place.
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    I'm new to this lifestyle, only doing it for a week. My biggest problem is, that I always have an inner, unfightable urgent for eating, even if I ate fatty food, meat, or salad and I am not hungry. I try to consume less than 50g ch a day, and I can manage that somehow. But this unnatural hunger is simply killing me. I also gained weight, but I can only see this in the mirror, as I'm too afraid to step on the scales. I snack a lot, what I shouldn't do. I'm so disappointed in myself. Will this hunger fade away in time? Or what should I do? I appreciate every hint I get.
    P.S.: Please forgive me my bad english, but I haven't practised it lately.

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    Start on intermittent fasting immediately, like tomorrow. Primalize your pantry & eat healthy in a 5 hour window then fast the other 19 hours:
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