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Thread: Slow cooker cooking temps

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    Slow cooker cooking temps

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    HI. I'm concerned about my slow cooker - I don't think it is slow enough! Even on low, whatever I cook seems reach a bubbling virtual boiling temp quite quickly.

    I bought it a while ago but I'm starting to use it more and more and feel it should be cooking slower than this - it is by Breville and I'm becoming convinced it is too vigorous.

    Any idea of what the temperatures ought to be (in Fahrenheit). I can check with a probe thermometer and see if `i need to give this one to a charity shop and buy another.

    Any good makes recommended in the UK in case this becomes the way ahead??!!

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    Its more than possible. My crockpot cooks at too high of a temp (its a very small and cheap one) but its kept me alive since I left my parents. I think small crockpots tend to cook a too high a temp for some reason.

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    My small, cheap one runs high as well. But I am unwilling to spend $$ on another, so I muddle through.
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