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Thread: Skip this if you want, but I need to post: My Public Recommitment to Primal Living.

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    Skip this if you want, but I need to post: My Public Recommitment to Primal Living.

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    Thanks for letting me indulge here. I was paleo/primal for months, and was healthier and happier than ever, but I went so far off course that I barely eat anything that's good for me anymore. Starting Monday morning, I am going to get back on track, and here are the big changes I plan to make:

    1. Breakfast: eggs and bacon, every day, again. Perhaps I won't be able to stomach bacon at first, but eggs, yes.

    2. No more pretzels. They're my strange vice lately. No more.

    3. Cutting way back on the beer. I've been having too much of it. If I really want a Manny's (my favorite local beer), I may have ONE. This is a stepping stone to none, which I successfully handled for five months this year.

    4. Remember how good I used to feel and pursue that. Energy, mood, physical fitness.

    5. Once I am fueling myself properly, I want to start Crossfit again. I miss it so much.

    I am posting this so that when I wake up in the morning, I won't decide to push this back another day. I've been thinking about it, and Monday is the perfect day to restart. So now that it's here, I'm not going to back out--this is my public promise to myself that starting Monday morning, I'll be primal.

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    you have a plan .. u have the willpower .. go for it ...

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    Good luck!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by waxleaves View Post
    I may have ONE. This is a stepping stone to ONE dozen
    IMO, IME, etc.

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    Right now it is, but part of this process is going to be learning not to make one beer turn into more. (Last night I successfully had just one last Manny's before the big change.) Personally, I can drink just one beer. I cannot drink just two.

    The approach I want to take this time is realism. Not "moderation," which is b.s., but realism: I like beer and if I have to cut it out right now, I'm going to fail completely.
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    Sounds like you have a plan but I would just make sure that the foods were something I look forward to and enjoy as opposed to something you can't stomach.They aren't necessarily good for you, but if you need crunch, perhaps you can trade your pretzels for pork rinds...

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    Thanks for the tip. I've got some complicated food issues going on that make primal hard for me at the beginning. I don't have a gallbladder and have a very sensitive digestive tract. If I've been eating crap, I find that eating good fats upsets my stomach badly. So I turn to fat-free things like pretzels because even though I know they're terrible for me, sometimes it's nice to just eat something that won't make me run to the bathroom in the middle of class (I teach college) like eggs can when I'm not properly primalized. I find that 30g or less of walnuts does the trick when I really want crunch. I've never tried pork rinds. What are they made of?

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    Pork rinds are the fried or roasted skin of a pig. Totally crunchy, not greasy. Do a google search. I bought a BIG container at Sam's Club. The brand was Utz. Only 2 ingredients are listed - pork rinds and salt.

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