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Thread: Bowel Obstruction; Need Help For a Friend, Please.

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    Bowel Obstruction; Need Help For a Friend, Please.

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    A friend of mine (just turned 60) has been sick from a bowel obstruction.

    He is ok now, but is not eating much. He has lost 10 lbs in the last few weeks.

    He told me that he eats mostly soft foods. Boiled veggies, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, legumes and the like. He eats little meat.

    He has scar tissue inside his intestines causing the blockage. His doctors told him that surgery would likely do little to help as it would manifest in more scar tissue.

    We were talking and I told him hae needed to eat more fat to grease up his system. I geave him a brief run down of primal nutrition and he could not grasp the concept. He said as long as he was stable he was not going to do anything different.

    I can understand his stance.

    My question to all of your PBers is:

    Does anyone have any experience with the PB lifestyle and the mending of the bowels with scar tissue and resolving obstructive bowel issues?

    I do know from this forum that the bowels take time to heal. Mine have certainly changed in the time I have been primal. I suffered bouts of the shanghai's for months before I found the right balance of fish oil, magnesium, and food. Cutting down on the water helped too.

    If anyone can provide me with some sound advice on this, my friend's very life and health might swing in the balance.

    Thank you all in advance.


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    Help, please.

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    I'd guess they're talking about scar tissue in the lining on the outside of the gut (adhesions), not scar tissue on the inside lining of the gut. I could be wrong. I'd venture that PB per se will not reverse already formed scar tissue (adhesions).

    But I would imagine that a noninflamed, happy gut would cope with the adhesions better. Seems like a fatty diet instead of bulking diet would pass easier.

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