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Thread: How to improve bone and teeth health?

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    How to improve bone and teeth health?

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    I'm new to paleo (been eating SAD my whole life) and want to know if there is some things I can do to improve my bones and teeth. I've had problems with cavities ever since I was like 9 or 10 yrs old and brush regularly. I've always been thin boned but never fractured easily until recently(caught a light knee swimming and an elbow during basketball both in the ribs).. I guess the years of SAD have finally caught up with me. I'd really like to believe I can reverse this damage or at least slow the deterioration down(I'm 31). I've also heard teeth can heal themselves! Wth I wish I'd have known about this primal stuff 20 yrs ago I'm actually pissed at the establishment.. this stuff should be taught in school.

    Credit to John Durant with his spot on the Colbert Report for opening my eyes to this way of living. Also this forum looks to be a friggin goldmine to someone like me. I'll be reading it for weeks

    * - Wanted to add that paleo eating has solved my lifelong problem of stomach problems with being bloated and sharp pains which as far as I know was grains getting stuck in my intestines. Again why aren't we taught this in school!!!!!!
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    I've always had bad teeth. Have so many crowns I've told the kids to recover the gold before I'm cremated. Since going grain and sugar free have had no more problems. Only a year so far, but hopeful of a real turn around here

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    Rami Nagel's plan combines AV's raw primal diet with WAP. It's not paleo as it contains dairy (butter and cream).

    Also be sure to check out the work of Melvin Page DDS on body chemistry and bone/tooth health. I was a nutritional student of the DDS who ran Page's clinic. He (not Page) advocated a raw primal diet as laid out by AV as well with a few modifications depending on your particular body chemistry. Page was not an advocate of dairy except butter as he found it imbalancing to the system. Goat dairy was better and more alkaline.

    His books are available from Price-Pottenger here:
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    Vitamin D is essential for the body to absorb calcium, and is absolutely essential for bone health, far better than osteoporosis drugs such as Boniva. Take 1,000 units per 25 lbs of body weight.

    Also take 1 tablespoon a day of this vital nutrient:
    We add this among other things to our daily smoothie.


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    Vitamin D
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    Yup, optimal vitamin D, lots of veggies for acid/base balance, and possibly also magnesium depending on your food intake.

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    I was told as a child in the 50's that sugar was bad for the teeth. I think even modern CW agrees with this.

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    The important nutrients for building bone matrix are D, K, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Because optimal levels of D increase calcium absorption significantly, it seems that high calcium diets and calcium supplements may not be necessary.

    On a paleo/primal diet, most will need to supplement magnesium. The following google bookmark 'list' is a compilation of relevant magnesium posts:!threadID=G0qBmyU74r_o%2FBDRcUZAoQ0JqQqbIl

    Vitamin K:

    My linked vitamin d document (below), has some good information about vitamin d levels, dosing, testing and has some decent references.

    While many will need 1000 IU per 25lbs body weight to maintain optimal D levels, this is not true across the board. Some will need much less; some will need much more. It's best to test. A home 'finger stick' test is available for $65. (see the doc in my sig line).

    I'd be interested in reading any scientifically sound information on diatomaceous earth and the health benefits. So far, I haven't found any and am fairly turned off by the snake oil sales tactics on the websites selling it.

    Good reading for the curious mind:
    * indicates easier to read; less 'jargon'

    American Society for Evolutionary Medicine
    Cholesterol and Health - Chris Masterjohn Cooling Inflammation - Art Ayers, PhD
    Entropy Production
    Evolutionary Medicine Forums
    *Evolutionary Psychiatry - Emily Deans, MD
    *Healthy Skeptic - Challenging mainstream myths about nutrition, health and disease
    *Heartscan - William Davis, MD (cardiologist)
    Hyperlipid - Petro Dobromylskyj, DVM
    *Michael Eades, MD - a critical look at nutritional science
    *Paleo Nutrition - Kurt Harris, MD
    *Perfect Health Diet - Paul Jaminet, PhD (astrophysics) andShou-Ching Shih, PhD (molecular biology)
    *Whole Health Source - Stephan Guyenet, PhD
    *Vitamin D Council - John Cannell, MD (worth signing up for his infrequent newsletters)

    Fitness related:
    *Conditioning Research
    *Mobility Workout of the Day
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    Dr. Stephen Guyenet at Whole Health Source ( I see Cillakat linked several of his blog posts) did an entire essay on just this question.

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    i was told i wouldnt be able to walk without pain about 8 months ago due to osteoporosis... sardines, eggs, butter and sunlight... i understand supplementing vitamin D, but sunlight is your best bet.

    i have no pain in my bones/joints anywhere, at all anymore, and it took all 8 months(good thing it was summer). also, swimming and weight bearing exercises helped build my bones back up. i can even to kettlebells now, walking lunges etc.... after injuring myself sprinting i am to scared to ever try it again but sticking to primal aspects....SLEEP SUN and good food has seriously performed a miracle on my body/bones!

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