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    I've been reading this forum for about a month now and I have learned so much from all of you. Below is a little snippet that I put in my "official" intro - but since there are 114 pages to that thread, I doubt anyone will ever see it. So, here's a quick overview of how I got here...

    I became a strict vegetarian (no meat/fish/eggs/dairy etc.) 10 years ago and thought I was being super healthy. In addition to lots of vegetables and fruits, I ate a ton whole grains, fake meats, TVP, and would even add wheat germ to things. The result - I got REALLY skinny-fat!!! I was tiny, a size 4, but FAT and jiggly and full of water!

    Five years later after literally feeling like I was going to die, (no energy, sunken eyes, slept 12-14 hours a day and still did not feel rested, living in a total fog with so many ailments) I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I spent the next few years being a gluten-free vegetarian. Oh boy. I basically ate veggies, beans, potatoes, rice, Amy's enchiladas, and chocolate... and gluten-free desserts made from corn starch instead of wheat flour. Ugh.

    The diet was so restrictive that I fell off the wagon and started eating gluten again. I really lost it during my pregnancy, and now I am fat-fat, jiggly and full of water (instead of skinny-fat, jiggly and full of water)! Gah.

    I've been reading about the primal lifestyle, and it makes total sense. The science behind it is solid, and I actually get pretty angry when I realize what I have been doing to my body over the years thinking I was doing the right thing - and of course the doctor's are NO HELP. Anyway, I have been primal for 2 weeks now and already feel awesome and the food rocks! It's extremely yummy after a decade of eating a very bland diet and exercising my butt off.

    I came across this website while I was searching something like "cave man diet". I was thinking about when all my problems started and it was when I became a vegetarian. I was a little overweight as a kid but thinned out in junior high / high school - but I was solid. When I became a vegetarian I really screwed myself up and I have practically no muscles left, just jiggle.

    Anyway, I'm so glad I found this website and new lifestyle so that my son will never have to suffer through what I did. I don't plan on ever introducing grains/beans/sugar into his diet. (He is 7 months old right now.)

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    I'm glad you are here and I'll bet your son is too! You will be a great encouragement to folks trying to kick vegetarianism.

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