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Thread: "100% Pure Edible Coconut Oil"

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    "100% Pure Edible Coconut Oil"

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    My mother picked up some coconut oil for me while she was out today. The brand is Jamaican Choice. The bottle has absolutely no information on it. There's "Pure 100% Edible Coconut Oil" under the brand name, and the ingredients parrot "edible coconut oil" and nothing more. There's not even nutritional information (isn't that stuff like, legally required or something?). I checked online and couldn't find anything either. Not even a phone number.

    So... due to the complete and utter lack of information available on this product, and their seemingly odd use of wording on the container (at least I know it's edible, yay), I'm a little nervous about it. Should I be? I'm still learning about the wonderful world of fat, so I don't know much about the different grades of coconut oil and the processes used to obtain it. I'm sure it's not the extra virgin stuff, or they'd be screaming it on every inch of packaging. Is this still a good oil to use?

    If it helps: the oil is white, with a thick, creamy consistency (does this mean it's unrefined?) and a slight coconutty taste and smell.

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    The taste indicates that it is only mildly, if at all refined. Sounds kinda shady that there's no nutritional info. I can't really find anything on Google about it. You should be ok, if those are the only ingredients.
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    You can always use it for body lotion or hair treatment.

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    ...and a wicked-good massage oil.
    Just sayin'.

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    I bought some coconut oil that is packaged very much like this - it also doesn't taste as nice as the coconut oil I've got which states "pure virgin coconut oil" and gives nutritional info. So - I am adding it to my bath water, rubbing it on as a skin lotion etc but not using it to eat!

    Got it from an ethnic shop in Brighton.

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