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Thread: Tales from the Grocery Store Checkout Line...

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    Tales from the Grocery Store Checkout Line...

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    As I was waiting in line at the grocery store this afternoon, I watched the order next to me with disbelief and frustration for the young boy who is learning terrible habits from his parents. I didn't get the whole thing, but here is the run down of what I saw...

    5 large bags of potato chips
    5 boxes of pizza pops
    1 large box of potato chips (small bags)
    bear paws (which are apparently a good source of iron and made from real chocolate)
    5 or 6 large bottles of pepsi
    3 large (bargain size) boxes of vector cereal
    low fat yogurt with 32 grams of sugar per serving
    3 boxes of pop tarts
    skim milk
    processed ham
    5 loaves of white bread
    2 boxes of wagon wheels
    and a watermelon

    There was more in the order, but I was finished with my veggies, fruit and coconut milk so I walked away. I feel sorry for the parents because they were most likely taught the same thing, and I feel more worried about the young boy because he was noticeably overweight and was talking about how excited he is for the pizza pops.

    Only if our society could overcome such poor habits and move to a more nutritious eating plan...

    This post is not solely to demonize the unhealthy people that we see in the grocery store so let's try to balance the funny stories with the not no funny.

    For example, one day I was going through the line with about 10 cans of coconut milk and the girls asked me "what are you going to do with all that coconut milk?".

    I said "I am going to eat it."

    "Oh". Was all she had as a response.

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    I was in the grocery store today too, and saw a very similar family, both mom and dad were HUGELY over weight. They too have the little pizza pocket things.

    In my cart?
    whipping cream
    2 dozen cage free organic eggs
    romaine lettuce
    4 small sweet potatoes
    2, 3 lb bags of apples
    whole milk
    sweet potato fries (maybe the only processed food, my 7 year old LOVES them)

    No meat because I bought about 20 pounds last week, we have plenty

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    Oh pop tarts... I miss you.

    Not really... but I do.

    Just kidding... no I'm not.

    OK, I really am

    Anyway, the list you described really does sound gross to me. On the other hand, I have noticed quite a few weird looks from people when I stock up on frozen veggies at Target. (they are seriously half the price of the grocery store... and stocking up = like 20 bags)
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    At the store I go to, you see 3 forms of carts:
    1) Trying to lose weight: Everything low fat, Ground turkey and chicken, fake cheese (3 calories), and half a cart of lean cuisine and weight watchers meals
    2) SAD cart: Junk foo, more junk food, even more junk food, pizza boxes, stouffer's box, bagels,.... you get the idea. Oh, and 3 cases of soda.
    3) The Native cart: This is the cart of the doctors from India and Pakistan, the Hispanics on food stamps, yadayayadadya, It looks a lot like my cart. Mostly veggies (fresh), Brisket and cheap cuts of meat, butter/ lard. You'll see the odd bag of rice or beans (Usually the Indians with lentils), but there's not much in their carts that won't go bad.
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    I grew up as a fat kid. I used to get excited for pizza pops too.

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    You should have seen the familyl I saw at Costco yesterday, 3 carts full of the worst kinds of food imaginable. I try not to judget too much, I wasn't much different not too long ago. I would love to have some pizza rolls!

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    but don't ya'll realize that all the cereals and boxed products are NOW MADE WITH WHOLE GRAINS! Hold The phone! That Changes EVERYTHING!

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    The sad part is even CW knows processed=bad, and people still buy this garbage and feed it to their kids.
    I work in a grocery store, and at times its hard not to speak up. When I do pass a remark 'wow, that's a lot of pizza' its met with 'But the kids just love it'. I don't care what the kids love, they're kids, they don't effing know better.
    Or I hear 'yeah, I like them to have hot meals, but I hate cooking'.
    You lost the option of taking the easy way out when you had a child. Get your lazy a$$ up and make something you at least think might be healthy.
    Whole grain or not, there is no one with two brain cells in this country who believes a steady diet of pizza is good for a child, including at least one doctor who advised a freind of mine 'let them have all the Pizza they want, it's a whole meal by itself, has everything a child needs, veggies, dairy, grain, and meat' Huh? I woder which is worse, Pizza or a burger (At least you can take the bun off a burger)
    Also these are usualy the folks with the screaming, spoiled, sugar addicted ADD kids trying to get Mommy to buy the whole candy rack. Are they blind or stupid? Or just lazy / don't give a shite about the health of their offspring? Damn!
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    I was wandering up the breakfast food isle the other day (to fetch some tea), and I found myself strolling slowly along staring at all the boxes of cereal, poptarts, granola bars, breakfast bars, snack bars, cereal bars.......It just felt after box with rainbow colors....

    ...anyways, I realized that after years of shopping the perimeter of grocery stores, I just cannot imagine how much 'trash' we would have if we did NOT shop that way. The unhealthy aspect aside, the amount of paper and such that goes into all those products anymore just floors.

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    One of my girl friends has an 8 year old who eats almost nothing but bread and sweets. She's active and has genes for being thin, but I can already see her putting on weight. I wouldn't be surpised if she's obese by her teens.

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