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    Quote Originally Posted by Meadow View Post
    I was wandering up the breakfast food isle the other day (to fetch some tea), and I found myself strolling slowly along staring at all the boxes of cereal, poptarts, granola bars, breakfast bars, snack bars, cereal bars.......It just felt after box with rainbow colors....

    ...anyways, I realized that after years of shopping the perimeter of grocery stores, I just cannot imagine how much 'trash' we would have if we did NOT shop that way. The unhealthy aspect aside, the amount of paper and such that goes into all those products anymore just floors.
    I like to wander the inner isles once in a while for the heck of it and I always come to the same conclusion as you did. Then I go back to the outer isles and give thanks for the abundance of real food that is available. Sometimes I just hang out in the produce section and look at all the items which I have never purchased before, like a kid in a forest...amazed at the colors, and the cool things to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodini View Post
    On the other hand, I have noticed quite a few weird looks from people when I stock up on frozen veggies at Target. (they are seriously half the price of the grocery store... and stocking up = like 20 bags)
    Me too! I've been buying 10-12 bags at a time and I get weird looks. I bet if I got 10-12 frozen pizzas, no one would bat an eye. I also get weird looks for buying a lot of eggs and butter.
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    And remember that almost everything listed above is somewhere on the approved FDA food pyramid and that, along with other reasons, is why I despise the FDA.
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    I like educating the cashiers about the different types of produce they carry. When I bring up jicama, artichokes, avocadoes (!!) shallots, whatever I'm usually met with a blank stare and a "ummm...what is this called?" :P

    A good friend of mine from waaayyy back is very very obese. It's so sad to see her drink diet fact, it's so sad to see anyone drink diet sodas!! And she's quite a smart person otherwise. I introduced the idea of primal to her a few months back because we happened to be talking about food and weightloss, and she immediately dismissed it.

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    I get a kick out of that too. I show up with ginger root and turnips and get asked what they are. I show up with beef cheek, beef heart, or mustard greens and get asked how I cook it. I actually had a cashier (I go through her line a lot; she's quick) ask me why I don't ever show up with the easy to scan stuff. She wasn't complaining, she was just curious.
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    Just bought 120 free range eggs at the local Sunday market today for $20.00.

    Yep ... primal life is good .....

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    Goodness me! what are you going to do with that many eggs at once? and I pay $6-7 a dozen here in balmy palmy so that's an awesome deal.

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    I hate being in the supermarket and seeing overweight people fill their trolly (kart) with weight watchers crap and low fat dairy products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    At the store I go to, you see 3 forms of carts:
    1) Trying to lose weight: Everything low fat, Ground turkey and chicken, fake cheese (3 calories), and half a cart of lean cuisine and weight watchers meals
    This one is sad, because you know they are trying! The strangest and most depressing cart I ever saw at the store was one filled entirely with Light and Fit Yogurt (60 calories, 11 carbs, 3 proteins, no fats) and Lean Cuisines. Like, an entire cart filled to the brim with these items. I was in line a few isles over so I had time to try and estimate how many of each--I would say she had easily a three week supply if she had two of each every day. There was nothing remarkable about the lady with the cart. She looked like a regular working woman.

    I just can't imagine eating nothing but fat-free yogurt and lean cuisine every day--nutritional disaster aside, I think I'd be breaking into the cat's tinned food just to get some flavor!

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