Today as I was walking home from a local farm that I get my free range eggs from I found myself some wild blueberries! after reference of the SAS survival guide on my phone to ensure that they are safe i picked a bunch and set home

Someone also got me some 90% dark chocolate so I thought I'd make something up to have a nice treat for a Saturday morning but keeping it rather primal.

You'll need:
4 Eggs
40g Dark chocolate (As I said I used 90%)
About 100g coconut milk (full fat :P)
vanilla and cinnamon to taste

-Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix them up!
-Add your coconut milk and again...MIX
-Then goes in the cinnamon and vanilla
-Pop in the blueberries
-Heat a pan on the hob, Then add the mix. I find it doesn't stick but if you want add some coconut oil.
After a rough guess that the bottom is cooked, shred the chocolate and sprinkle all over the top.
-Heat up the grill (broiler) and pop it under till cooked through.
-Serve and enjoy the awesome bliss that is the dark chocolate omelette.

And it cost me verry little to make! Happy days.