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Thread: what to buy?

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    what to buy?

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    ok i kno stay on the outside aisles...
    but do i buy whole chickens? (dont even kno how to cook these)
    which cuts of beef?
    do i buy reg bacon since i seriously can not afford heeps of nitrate free bacon?

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    Buy meat, veggies, fruits.
    The type and cut of meat that you buy depends on preference, cooking method, and budget. My family buys a lot of whole chickens and chicken thighs because they're cheap and have good fat content. If you're going to buy normal bacon, you probably want to take it easy on the consumption.

    Meat is the most expensive part of eating Primally - we eat a lot of ground beef and cheaper chicken, with occasional pricier cuts to fend off boredom. Also, lots of eggs!
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    Buy veggies: shoot for assorted colors. I typically always buy a big bag of cut kale or collards, a few SMALL sweet potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, carrots and then whatever else looks good and is in season. Cauliflower is so's kinda become a staple. You can mash it to make "mashed potatos" or rice it to make "rice" or just add it to soups, stews or curries. I also always buy a big tub of mixed greens for salads.

    Buy meat: shoot for a variety of types and cuts. Some chicken, some beef, some pork.

    Buy spices: LOTS. You should have a lot of different spices in your pantry to give you flavoring options.

    Buy coconut milk: I keep several cans in the pantry b/c it's easy to make a curry...or a dessert...or a smoothie...I :heart coconut milk!

    Oils: I keep coconut oil and olive oil on hand, as well as grass fed butter. That pretty much takes care of cooking fats as well as salad dressings and other food toppings. Make a veggie that came out less than great? A bit of butter makes just about anything better LOL

    If you haven't bought the primal blueprint cookbook and are new to shopping/cooking, I highly recommend you get the cookbook. Lots of really easy, basic recipes. If you've never made a curry before, the book will get your foot in the door. Don't know how to make pot roast? The book has a few good basic starting points.
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    We used to get whole chickens but don't like the breast meat much so usually we get thighs now with skin and rotate with what's one sale once in a while. I wouldn't worry at all about going nitrate free personally. Unless you get it fresh off the pick it's at least cured with celery salts which have nitrates and vegetables have more nitrates than you'll ever get in bacon if you're eating traditional PB.

    Added to what kennelmom said about cauliflower mashed potatoes, if you're not against something more starchy parsnips are great like that too and so are sweet potatoes/yams.

    I second the recommendation for both books. The cookbook has a lot of great recipes. We just started making creamed kale and it's delicious.

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