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    Flu vaccine

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    Alright, I'm praying I don't start a debate with this. But I want everyone's opinions.

    I am grad school to become a physician assistant (PA-C) and I have 38 people in my class. We were told last week that our program highly recommends getting a flu shot (the seasonal/H1N1 combined) because of our "protection" and some of the Detroit area hospitals we go to will require it after 10/1 (otherwise we will have to wear a mask).

    As luck would have it, our school sent out an email last week saying they're offering free flu shots. Of course a good portion of the class got them. Now at least half of our class has a cold (I have counted at least 20 people). I'm not saying it's a direct result of the vaccine; I'm saying it's a little odd considering I've never been in a class where so many people got sick! I opted for no vaccine because I have bad vaccine reactions. And the others who did not get it have not gotten sick. And two of my classmate friends who said they have not even had a cold in years are sick.

    Is there a possibility that everyone was susceptible to a cold and the vaccine lowered their defenses? It is just odd when I look around and of the 20 people on my side of the room, 14 of them are blowing their nose, covered up in blankets, and coughing. I am always susceptible to everything; I'm slamming the vit D now though.

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    Blah, I think it is very possible that there is a connection.

    I get the flu mist, I have no choice If it was not a requirement I would not get it.

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    How interesting about the colds. I think the flu vaccine is lame- they are guessing on which strain will circulate and it could very well mutate and render the vaccine pointless (or end up being a totally different strain). Also, many people end up with flu-like symptoms from the vaccine itself.

    I've had great success for about 8 years now dosing myself prophylactically once a week with a homeopathic mist containing influenzinum.
    I used to work in a very high-exposure job (supplement retail) with all kinds of sick people coming to me for help. ALL my departmental coworkers would get the flu except me and it wasn't because I had a great immune system. I didn't. I had to fight colds off left and right, yet I never came down with so much as a chill or an ache related to the flu. Before I started the influenznum, I used to get the flu once a winter.

    Here's what I use (I like the convenient nasal spray):
    Here's another product that you could take once a week for prevention:

    Getting enough vitamin D will also go a long way toward preventing the flu (and colds) and astragalus has made a HUGE difference for me in warding off colds (and if I do get one, it's very mild). It's the best prevention/immune-building herb. Start taking these now:-)

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    This is an example of a 'red herring' at it's finest.

    Let's not fall prey to faulty thinking. Colds and flu have already been making the rounds - even before the seasonal flu vaccine was available. The fact that some of them have had the flu vaccine is nothing more than a red herring.

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    You can only get symtoms of a cold from the flu mist nasal vaccine. It is created from a live, but weakened virus and can cause mild illness (which is supposedly better than severe influenza). If your class mates were offered flu shots - they might have some reactions to it such as feeling fatigued, maybe a headache - sx of generalized immune response - but NOT symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. those just don't happen from a flu shot because they are created from inactive (ie dead) flu particles that can stimulate the immune system to create antibodies, but are completely incapable of infecting cells and causing congestion, sneezing, sniffling etc.

    If you are going to get vaccinated against influenza, get the flu shot, not the nasal mist. Whatever side effects you have are likely to be much milder. You can't get sick from the injection. I figure there is nothing wrong with exposing our immune systems to various viral proteins and getting them going on creating antibodies. It just makes our immune systems more robust.

    When I was young, our parents took us to measles and chicken pox "parties" to intentionally expose us to these viruses. Now we do it with injections. i don't have a problem with it. I haven't gotten the flu in 15 years of working in health care and I get a flu shot every year (which may not be why I haven't come down with it). If there was a vaccine for norovirus, I would be first in line for it because that particular disease spreads like wildfire through hospitals and nursing homes - I have had it 3 times and wanted to die each time. We invented vaccines to relieve suffering and prevent disability and death. I think they are actually quite primal in many ways - just training the immune system to be more robust so we cure ourselves naturally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShannonPA-S View Post
    I am always susceptible to everything; I'm slamming the vit D now though.
    I've had wonderful results with elderberry supplements (caps or extract).

    Mr. Ski already got his flu shot (he had a bone marrow transplant some years back so it is highly advised) and I need to get mine soon. Neither of us have ever had any reactions even with the H1N1 last year.

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    I refuse most vaccinations. The only ones that I will take are the ones that are a) required by the company I'm working for (some companies require Malaria prophylaxis meds in Nigeria for example b) Vaccines that are required for a visa (not many of these around, cholera used to be one of these) and vaccines for the really nasty stuff like rabies (several countries I have worked in, rabies was endemic and a really nasty way to die). I have never had a flu vaccine and have done okay without. Cholera used to make me sick for a couple of days and I wont' take it anymore unless required.
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    I have refused to get a flu shot in the last 2+ years, having been scared by Dr. Mercola. He is a bit of a fright mongerer, yet I think there are some dangerous side effects possible from the vaccines. Plus some years they miss the actual strains that are going to impact us.

    Instead I have been taking lots of vitamin D (not tested for my level) of about 3,000 - 6,000 IU daily and have not had a cold or flu in 2+ years.

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    I never got the vaccine until a couple years ago, when I was an occasional caretaker for someone with a weakened immune system. I got it again last year since I was helping at a flu clinic. I've come down with flu-like symptoms both times I got the vaccine (mainly aches, fatigue, some congestion), but never an actual cold. Though, one of those years I did get the flu anyway :\ To be fair, it was milder than my husband's case, and he had not been vaccinated.

    Anyway, I see vaccination as a necessary evil for being a member of a species with artificially high population density. And the tetanus vaccine is just the price I pay for being a klutz...
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    for what its worth im in australia. work in an office .. never get sick. .. never have the flu shot
    this yr my better half suggested i get it and ive never been sick
    im just sayinh

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