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Thread: I just ate a cup cake!!

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    It's not about whether or not you fall off the horse. It's whether or not you get back on. Everyone falls off, not everyone gets back on. In the pic below, you can see how long it's taken me to get this far....

    Do you think I ever goofed on my diet and cheated here and there? Absolutely. But I kept the resolve knowing that "Well, just as long as I keep going, eventually, it won't matter that I goofed just once". Maybe the times I've cheated are part of the reason I don't have my six pack quite yet, but when I DO have it, that thought will no longer matter. See how it works?

    The upside the of the Cupcake thing is this: you can now take this regret you have over it, click "Save" in your head, and lock it into any other time you see a cupcake, or any other sweet for that matter. Do it in such a manner to where everytime you see a cupcake, you hate it. If you think it would work, I reccommend posting a picture of that cupcake surrounded by the words you'd use to describe how you felt right after you ate it, in some place where you'll see it everyday for a few days, just to truly drive home the image-emotion association.

    Just proceed as though it never happened. In time, it's as if it didn't. Just don't do it again ;P.


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    Wow! What a difference in the two pics! You're an inspiration! Thanks so much for replying.

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    One night of frost does not make a foot of ice. In other words - no ill effect made and it's the long term approach that counts. Just keep on grokking - and congrats on your two weeks primal!
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