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Thread: Just ordered 8lbs of meat

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    Just ordered 8lbs of meat

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    Biltong and dry wors to be exact (4 lbs of each). Biltong is what Americans call jerky, but really, you cannot compare the two at all in terms of taste, texture or freshness. Drry wors are dried out sausages (I gues akin to a slim jim???? - never tasted one) but made from fresh meat and LOTS of fat.

    I can't wait to get it.

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    biltong is south african jerky right? it tastes different from N.A. jerky but its awesome. definitly more fatty.

    im picking up some meat next sunday at my local farmers market.. it looks legit... check it out.
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    I want to go live with the cows there. SOOOO beautiful. The meat looks great.

    You are right, biltong is South African jerky. I order mine from a South African who has set up shop in NC. he gets all sorts of things imported and makes his own biltong and wors. The only thing is that it is not grass fed, so I don't get it often (not as much for the health aspect, as for the cruelty of the mass meat industry). I got 3 lbs sliced and one 1lb stick that I intend to gnaw on slowly. I also got 4 lbs of dry wors, which is so easy to cart around and I know my kids will love it too.

    Biltong tastes NOTHING like jerky at all. To me, comparing jerky to biltong is like comparing teeny shrimp to lobster, lol.

    Enjoy the meat.

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