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Thread: More lies from Campbell?

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    More lies from Campbell?

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    Certainly some strange things going on ...

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    I'm going to have to take a look at that original study (I try not to take things from WAPF at face value), but it looks pretty damning so far.

    This might seem weird, but I think I'd like to get to know Campbell as a person, even though he kind of came across as a jerk during the whole Denise Minger blowup. I'm just really, really curious about what makes him tick. For example:
    • Is he intentionally misusing "science" to support an agenda?
    • Is it subconscious confirmation bias?
    • Is he just bad at science?
    • Or could it be a previously undiscovered form of dementia brought on by malnutrition?
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    Very interesting. I'm not going to draw a conclusion yet but that is certainly reason to doubt his conclusions about that scary scary protein. Also perhaps it explans why people lose weight on nearly no protein diets and also why they are so obsessed with "detoxification", I kind of suspected that

    One thing to note is that Campbell tends to recommend 10% dietary protein as the optimal amount so perhaps he realizes that 5% is indeed deficient and troublesome.

    Most scientists, philosophers, psychologists etc are in love with their hypothesis and will pull out every stop and use every ploy they can to prove it. Usually this is a good thing because every side of the story should be told with the utmost passion and competency, but some of this is seemingly a blatant obfuscation. I would like to see a response.
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    @theholla...I was kind of wondering the same thing about Campbell. My theory is that after devoting a large chunk of his life to meticulous research...he came up somewhat empty handed and couldn't accept that entirely. He makes a few ends meet..and voila. The China Study.

    Also, I'm still newer to reading a lot of this more in depth material...I'm curious at your position towards WAPF?

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    He is just so invested loopholes and all. He lost face and is so embarrassed perhaps? I really can't stand how these idiots think anyone who doesn't agree with CS and eats animal products and questions CS works for WAPF! LOL, these people need some animal fat and b12 for brain/cognitive function.

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