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Thread: Misfit Meg's Metamorphosis

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    Wink Misfit Meg's Metamorphosis: NutMeg

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    So on August 18th I started a 30 Day Challenge of my own. Here are the results:

    So Sept 18 marked the end of my 30 day 'primal' challenge, it went well I think.

    I am currently 157.6 pounds- down 7.1 pounds

    Here are the measurements from Aug 18:

    thigh fullest par: 22.75 inches
    thigh: 17
    calf: 14
    ankle: 8
    right wrist: 6.25
    right forearm: 10
    right biceps: 11
    waist: 36 (NW), 39 (AF)
    hips: 40
    chest: 36.25
    neck: 14

    September 22
    thigh fullest part: 22.5
    thigh: 17.5
    calf: 14.25
    ankle: 7.75
    wrist: 6
    forearm: 10
    biceps: 11
    waist: 34.5 (NW), 37 (AF)- my way of measuring, not sucking in like I do for 'official' tapings
    hips: 38.5
    chest: 35
    neck: 13.5
    It looks like I lot an average of two inches off my waist and hips

    Total inches lost? About 8 I am not counting the gain in thigh or calf because those are most likely muscle gain- I was working legs a lot

    August BF %- 28.8%
    September BF%- 26

    Difference -2.8% I'll take it

    Wanna see my progress in pictures? Here it is!!
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    SO, I was originally thinking that the 'lean' loss was all muscle, but then got to thinking about the amount I pee I peed in the beginning and the los of stored glycogen. So, maybe I didn't lose as much of actual muscle as I thought. I mean I did gain girth in the calf, which I KNOW is not fat, and a bit in the thigh, which again is NOT fat. Hmmmm. I will have to re-measure in about another month to see if the ratio is better with less loss in the lean area. I really want to build muscle, not tons, but some. My goal is for my BF percentage to be 20% or less.

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    Today has been a good day! I may end up a little low on my calories, but eh, it isn't the end of the world. I proably need to re-do my daily requirements anyway.

    I did squadron PT this morning, about 35 minutes of circuits- boring.
    I also did some pull-ups on the total gym- I really want to be able to do REAL pull-ups
    did 3 sets of 12 rows on the TG too.

    I worked my legs a lot last month and I saw a gain in my calf and lower thigh. This is what i wanted, but I also want to see a gain in my arms. Since I really can't do real push-ups and I don't like just regular weight lifting, I think the stuff with the TG is a good choice. We shall see when i measure again around Oct 20th or so.

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    I suppose I could share me food for the day, eh?

    I won't always do it this way, I am just too lazy to do it any other way right now
    September 23


    Bacon, 1 medium slices, cooked (raw product packed 20/lb) 36 0 3 2
    Hard Boiled Egg, 1 large 78 1 5 6
    BREAKFAST TOTALS: 114 1 8 8

    Scrambled Egg, 2 large 140 3 15 14
    Jone's Dairy Farm Mild/Natural Sausage Pattie, 1 serving 120 0 12 4
    Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average, 1 small whole (2-2/5" dia) 19 4 0 1
    Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 114 0 9 7
    LUNCH TOTALS: 393 7 36 25

    Spinach, frozen, 1 cup 53 10 0 6
    Beef, top sirloin, 3 oz 172 0 7 26
    Butter, salted, 1 tbsp 102 0 12 0
    DINNER TOTALS: 327 10 19 32

    Beef jerky, 1 serving (view recipe) 74 0 1 13
    Ionic-Fizz, Magnesium Plus, 1 serving 0 0 0 0
    Vitamin D 1000 IU, Bluebonnet Vitamin, 2 serving 0 0 0 0
    Fish Oil 1200 mg w/EPA &DHA, 2 softgels (Nature Made), 1 serving 25 0 2 0
    Honey, 0.33 tbsp 21 6 0 0
    Sashimi - rice (1 pc - Add for each nigiri sushi item (fish on rice)), 1 serving 30 8 0 0
    Dates, 3 date 70 19 0 1
    Almonds, 5 almond 35 1 3 1
    SNACK TOTALS: 255 34 6 15

    Half and Half Cream, 2 tbsp 39 1 3 1
    Regular Coffee, 2 cup (8 fl oz) 5 0 0 1
    Powdered Cactus Honey (1) Tbspn = 1 serv, 0.66 serving 33 0 0 0
    COFFEE TOTALS: 77 1 3 1
    SNACK 2:

    Carrots, raw, 1 medium 25 6 0 1
    SNACK 2 TOTALS: 25 6 0 1
    SNACK 3:

    Chocolate, Dark Ritter Sport (1 serving is 6 squares), 0.16 serving 30 4 2 0
    Heavy Whipping Cream, 2 tbsp 104 1 11 1
    Blueberries, frozen (unsweetened), 0.5 cup, unthawed 40 9 0 0
    Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened, 4 berry 15 4 0 0
    Cream Cheese, 3 tbsp 152 1 15 3
    Raspberries, 0.12 cup 7 2 0 0
    coconut, medium shredded unsweetened 1 Tbsp, 1 serving 93 4 9 1
    SNACK 3 TOTALS: 440 25 38 6
    SNACK 4:

    Yellow Tail Sashimi, 1 oz 30 0 0 7
    Coho Salmon, 1.5 oz 78 0 3 12
    Yellowfin Tuna (fish), 1 oz 39 0 0 8
    Shrimp, cooked, 0.5 large 3 0 0 1
    Coconut Milk, 2 tbsp 59 1 6 1
    Apples, fresh, 1 small (2-1/2" dia) (approx 4 per lb) 63 16 0 0
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    Sleepy today, I am blaming my monthly womanly situation on that one.

    I realyl stuffed myself yesterday, atleast it was pretty primal stuff and I don't have to feel guilty over a bowl of berries with cream like i would a bag of chips

    I ended up sort of fasting today, not by design, but because of a SNAFU at work. So far I have had my cup of coffee and two pieces of homemdae beef jerky (yummy!). I have a good lunch planned which I will eat in about half an hour or so.

    I am disappointed that yesterday's pull-ups didn't really leave me with any muscles soreness. I want to get my arms looking better, they don't look bad, but they could use some work. I need to work on that :/ This afternoon i have Squadron PT, usually Friday's we 'do our own thing', if this is the case I will go into the aerobics room and do a good circuit and some tabata with the jump rope. I definitely prefer my own workouts over the group sessions since I can tailor them to my needs.

    We are doing our Grok Feast tomorrow! I can't wait, we have a bunch of fun stuff planned with our CW/SAD friends!

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    cleveland, ohio
    your primal journal title is MMmMMMarvelous. and congrats on the fat loss!

    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal

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    I like alliteration I am hoping that by incorporating more strength training I will have even better stats next month.

    Today i our Grok Feast for the picnic challenge. I really wish we had been able to do it last weekend, when it was in teh 60s! Today the high is supposed to be only 41 brrrrrrr. We are going to go anyway, get playing/moving a bit, eat and then if it is just too cold we will go over to the community center where the kids can play inside.

    It should be a fun day of Grok meets Korg

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    Day 1 of Challenge II!!!

    A few friends had started a challenge yesterday, inspired by my first challenge

    So, I decided to join them, it is always more fun to do it with some buddies!

    I will weigh myself tomorrow and do the BF% at the gym on Thursday. I will do my measurements on Thursday so I can calculate the BF% with both methods to see if one or the other seems more accurate.

    30 Day Goals:
    drop BF% by 2+ points
    increase lean body mass
    take 1-2 minutes off 1.5 mile run
    have noticeable changes in before/after pictures
    increase biceps size

    Daily Goals:
    in bed by 11 p.m.
    take supplements: Vit D, magnesium, fish oil
    track non-primal foods

    Weekly goals:
    2 tabata sessions
    2 elliptical sessions
    2 strength sessions
    Blog 3x a week

    ******Stats 9/28******

    10%: 1 square dark chocolate, cheese stick, 1 teaspoon ice cream
    exercise: circuits x 40 mins, HIIT on elliptical x 20 mins (5 min warm-up/5 min cool down)

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    Nice job! Keep it up
    Meet up with me at either @crzydjm or Facebook

    My Primal Journal

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    So today was basically day three, it was supposed to be day one, but of course I started early. So far so good. I still need to figure out what I am going to do for strength training. I am so having trouble motivating myself to do it. I am technically doing some strength stuff with our Squadron PT, but not nearly enough so I can reach my goals.

    The eating is great though. I love that I don't feel hungry all the time and my food is so yummy! We had salmon cakes for dinner, they were so stinking delicious! I pan fried them for a few minutes in bacon grease and then finished them in the oven. We also had turnip greens, first time I have cooked them. For some reason I thought they would be bitter, but they have a very mild flavor.

    I am totally loving the extra workout after PT in the morning. I got in the 30 minutes on the elliptical and felt great all day. It make me laugh to think that people that eat 'low carb' have no energy. That is so far from the truth for me. I mean a person without energy wouldn't be bouncing on the trampoline at work, now would they? And my poor, poor, underfed brain. It is just going to shrivel up and die....not!

    Today was just a great day. C and I worked on her rollie pollies for acrobatics. Tomorrow we need to work on stretching. I need to do this too! And P has his second swim team practice. Crazy how we went from the non-participators, to an activity just about everyday!!!! It is fun though, and seeing the progress C is making with acro is awesome.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to put up my BF%: 29% as of today.

    My goal for this challenge is to get it down to 27% or less, without losing lean mass.

    I did okay today.

    My 10%:
    honey powder
    dark chocolate- 1 square
    Avocado Ranch salad dressing .25 serving

    20 mins jogging (last man ups)
    10 mins walking
    2 sets wall push-ups
    50 crunches

    elliptical x 30 mins: some intervals not HIIT
    fitter x 5 mins
    bouncing on trampoline x 3 mins
    total exercise 72 minutes
    Daily goals:
    take supplements- check
    90% primal- check
    track treats: check
    bed by 11- planning on it

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, sausage patty, dollop half and half
    coffee: 1 tablespoon H&H, sprinkle honey powder
    lunch: Wendy's Cobb BLT, no croutons, about 1 tablespoon dressing
    snack: 8 almonds, 1 square dark chocolate
    snack: carrot
    snack: green tea with coconut milk
    dinner: salmon patties (2), turnip greens with butter, sweet potato fries

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