Hi Mark,

So I'm new here, but I've read your book, The Primal Blueprint and I pretty much live the primal lifestyle. I don't eat wheat, or any grains at all, but I'm wondering what your take is on the whole v. refined grains argument because I have a lot of friends who try to be "healthy" by going whole grain, and have an uneasy time letting them believe whole grains are healthier.

On one hand, whole grains stimulate a lower insulin response (I think?) and are altogether digested slower than refined grains, producing a slightly less damaging insulin spike-and-crash cycle...

BUT: I've heard that lectins, essentially a plant poison that leads to auto-immune diseases of all sorts, are much more prevalent in whole grains. Furthermore, the fiber damages intestinal walls, acts as an anti-nutrient, etc., which is more or less absent on refined grains.

So I guess I'm wondering whether the effects of lectins (and fiber) from eating whole grains are worth risking over the elevated insulin response and its effects of eating refined grains?