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Thread: Eating the right kinds of fat - because I've gotten more fat!

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    I still do and mark does...mostly on salads

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    I agree with Jess also, I think that you need to eat more animal fat.

    Here is a link that you might find interesting:

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    Jess, by "generous" I mean I'm digging a big spoon into the jar so that it's heaping, and throwing that into the pan with my cut up squash or broccoli or whatever. It's probably around 3 tablespoons. And then I lick the spoon clean!

    I haven't used olive oil ever since I got a bad bottle over a year ago, and now I can't stand the flavor. If I'm cooking Mexican or Italian cuisine, I use hazelnut oil.

    Coconut oil is something like 65% medium chain fatty acids. I'm no biologist or chemist, but it definitely feels different than other oils. Whereas other oils feel greasy when they get on your skin, the coconut oil just sort of melts in and feels soft. And I can eat large amounts of coconut oil and not feel the least bit queasy, unlike other oils or butter.

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    Thank you all for the great help! I will take this advice to heart, implement it & hope to come back with great results!!

    Quick question - where do you get info about Omega 6 & Omega 3? How specifically do you follow to keep the two in 1:1 ratio each day? Any tips would be great, thanks!!

    - Jesse

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    The low hanging fruit is just reducing your Omega-6, and maybe taking some fish oil, and then not worrying about it past that. Just means using fats with a low proportion of polyunsaturated fats, and/or a good O6:O3 ratio. Olive isn't that bad: it's only 8% poly. I doubt the olive oil is really causing your problem -- I'd put the blame on the nuts. They are generally higher poly (20-25%), and have a not-insignificant amount of carbs. I personally have broken a plateau by not doing much more than giving up almonds.

    Olive oil and avocado/avocado oil are good.

    Coconut oil/palm oil/palm kernel oil are better.

    Animal fats vary a lot, but basically you want to eat more beef and pork fat, and less chicken fat (which can be pretty polyunsaturated), although goose fat is a bit more well proportioned.

    My recommendation if you're trying to gain is to get yourself the best pastured eggs you can find, and eat a good number of those every day. Protein, good fat, and important vitamins and minerals all in one package. Learn to cook them well, of course, or you'll be sad. Duck eggs are good too if you can find them. Fundamentally, humans aren't made of nuts and olives, they're made of meat, and you are what you eat.

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    i really don't see the need to drink oil if you are eating enough "good" stuff. cooking with it is fine but just chugging it down... there are better ways... as stated above

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