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    I believe I have some form of rosacea. At 28 years old, this is something this has really bothered me for the past 2-3 years I imagine this is a consequence of an abrupt lifestyle change (from pro athlete to office work), but either way, its something I deal with now on a day-to-day basis.

    From what I gather, there are many different types of rosacea mine is strictly in the flushing/blushing department, although I hope to prevent any future permanent redness, etc. Basically, I will get abnormally flushed from stress/anxiety, alcohol, temperature extremes, exercise/sex. I realize that a lot of this is a normal bodily function, but there is no doubt this has turned into a problem. I dont think its normal to get flushed just by thinking about it.

    It's certainly taken its toll on me mentally its cyclical, so sometimes I handle it better than other times. Im on Lexapro and see a therapist to ease the mental part, but I really hoping a complete primal lifestyle change will have a positive impact.

    I've seen a knowledgable dermatologist -he said what I have is pretty typical and treatable, but well have to try a few things. His basic diagnosis was rosacea with flushing. He said laser treatment does help with the redness and removal of broken capillaries, but did not think I should go for laser treatment yet.

    He wanted to start me on Metrogel topical once daily for what he said appeared to be minor bumps on my cheeks/prevent future bumps-breakouts, and to take an increased dosage of the antihistamine, cetirizine 10mg (1x daily/week 1, 2x daily/week 2, etc).

    Any thoughts are much appreciated

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    There is a lot of really interesting information at this blog - see the keywords in the right-hand column:

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    I was told I had "early stage rosacea" a few years back. Basically a permanent dark-pink-to-red flush on my cheeks and nose. stopped eating grains and now I'm no longer pink. ymmv.

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    I've had rosacea for years. I've been on antibiotics, metrogel and been lasered. Giving up grains is what has helped me the most.

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    Metrogel did nothing for me, nor the OTC Prosacea. Looking at the product Oracea, one sees it is a small dose of doxycyclin (sp?), an antibiotic. A small immediately available dose and a time release.

    I had some doxy from Mexico. Using my Centi-Gram balance, I was able to split the capsule contents into the small doses like Oracea, although not any time release. I took it twice a day and after about three weeks, the rosacea was mostly gone.

    It's come back, albeit much milder. Probably didn't do my therapy long enough. Doxycycline/Oracea works. If the Metrogel works for you, great.

    Put plenty of sunscreen on the schnozz if you are outside much.

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