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Thread: Trainer Goes from Fab to Flab

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    "He gradually weaned himself off of sugar and fat."

    He weaned himself off fat? I actually had a good chuckle when I read that.

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    "I wouldn't even put it down to emotion or genetics -- we've had those for millennia. Western diet (i.e. ignorance toward healthy eating) can easily take most of the blame. "

    Nick, I would have to disagree with you. I think a lot of people that are obese have issues with their eating. I mean even with the misinformation about diet in the west, everyone still knows that eating fast food is bad for you, but people still do it. And don't kid yourself into thinking that there aren't skinny people eating what the government tells you to eat, because there are.

    To be honest I think a lot of it comes down to addiction to food. I know that I am still struggling with this. I have eaten primal for about a month, and I feel great. I have lost weight and I look much better. I have more energy. Basically it just feels great eating healthy. But, I still crave unhealthy foods on a daily basis. I have set out two designated cheat meals during the week that I still go crazy on. But they keep me sane. Soon enough I will cut them to one cheat meal, and then eventually none. But I still think about eating bad food every day. It is quite the addiction. I think that most people that are very overweight share this addiction. It is unfortunate to say the least.

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    bobby - If I and other people I know are anything to go by, the longer you have those foods out of your diet, the less you will crave them. I pass up grains, sweets, etc. now without any problem at all.

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    Yes, AuH20girl, I have to agree with you. I went on a diet a couple years ago and about a month into it I stopped craving cheat meals. The diet was far from primal eating a lot of whole wheat wraps and the like, but I did stop craving fast food and things I crave now. Either way it really is a test of mental power. My next cheat meal is this saturday, and after that I am going to only have one cheat meal per week on saturdays. Maybe a few weeks after that I will eliminate a scheduled cheat meal altogether and just eat bad at special occasions such as holidays and family functions where a big meal is served...and even then try to eat as primally as possible in those situations. That is the plan anyway. Honestly, I was addicted to weed and alcohol, and once I stopped those I replaced it with food. I gained about 90 pounds in a year and a half and now I'm just trying to get to healthy weight. I have to say though that the food addiction is much harder than the drug addiction.

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    Interesting. Just a couple of thoughts, from someone still on the weightloss journey:

    -Not everyone who is overweight constantly stuffs their mouths all day long to get and stay fat.

    -We are not all psychologically damaged and unable to function in the world like "skinny" people. We are not all lazy.

    I actually felt the guy was sincere in his efforts and likeable. It was probably more of an experiment in just how fast crap food can mess you up than how it feels to be a fat person in the world.

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    Another point that I think needs to be brought up regarding how easy it will be for him to lose weight, is that its pretty common for injured athletes to gain a few pounds while they're recovering because their body has adjusted to their previous level of physical activity and now that's gone. Then, after they recover and get back into their normal workout/training regiment, it doesn't take long for that extra weight to disappear.

    I realize that many of you might view this statement as being kind of CW-ish, but that was definitely my experience a while back, FWIW.

    I know that's not exactly the case with this dude, but it seems like a similar kind of thing. Also, while it wasn't the case with me, I wouldn't be surprised if some people who normally eat pretty healthy tend to eat less healthy when they're recovering from an injury. Recoveries often involve a lot of stress and pain, and food is an easy thing to turn to to cope with that.

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    I'll be impressed if he can get back to his former condition. I stopped playing sports at 26, then started again at 33 to get back into shape after gaining 30 lbs. I thought I could exercise my way back into shape, but 7 years later I finally know why I couldn't pull that off.

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    I'm with JulieD on this one. I gained all my weight following a low-fat diet and working out everyday. Jogging, swimming, three meals a day. I still gained 80lbs+.

    I've yet to lose them, nor am I pigging out or lazy. I don't have a car, so I walk or ride my bike everywhere. I've seen people thinner than me circling parking lots looking for a closer space.

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    I dont think he is going to have an easy time getting the weight off, Morgan Spurlock only did it for a month, gained 25lbs, and it took him according to Wiki about 14 months to get back to his normal weight.

    Of course everyone is different.

    Then there is Renee Zellweger, and I its only my own personal opinion, but I think she has an eating disorder because of her choice in film role.

    I wouldnt want to speculate about what his intentions were, whether out of compassion for his clients or a publicity/marketing ploy, but I think in the end he will have a pretty good idea what its like to try and get weight off, and it will be harder than he expected.

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