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Thread: Primal, crossfitter in NJ

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    Primal, crossfitter in NJ

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    So I'm 27 and living in central NJ I've been primal pretty consistently for a year now, and crossfitting for 3-4 months.
    And single for a while
    I've converted a few people to PB but have yet to meet any.
    So any primals/crossfitters between 25 and 35 in new jersey, let's hang out!

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    CrossFitter in Austin, TX

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    I just "switched" to Primal yesterday from Paleo (what a lot of CrossFitters recommend, and what I've been on for about eight months now).
    I've also been CrossFitting for eight months and at

    I've been doing great on Paleo, but want to lose the muffin top. I think I was taking in too many carbs because there was a stretch where I got so few carbs that I started having wild mood swings and found out that if I eat enough carbs I don't have any of those problems.

    The hard part is finding the minimum sweet-spot. So far, I've been shooting for the 0-50g/day range and haven't had a single mood swing yet. But, I did up my fat + protein intake, too.

    Anyone have anything to add to that?

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