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Thread: Primal Journal -Patro-

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    Primal Journal -Patro-

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    Doing this basically to motivate me, positive criticism and also because i have never done a journal before.

    22 years old
    Height: 5,11
    Weight: 192

    My goal: a visible 6 pack pretty much. hand stand with out feet on wall.

    First of all i IF from 11pm to 4-6 pm the next day, so i will be posting mostly dinner or meals eating through that night.

    D: hand full of almonds
    1 pound ground beef seasoned like taco meat.
    1 cup broccoli
    hand full of mozz cheese.
    2 slice of cheedar cheese with lettuce leafs(with ground beef wraped inside)
    1 brick dark chocolate 90%
    1 banana
    1 plumb
    1 cup cottage cheese.

    work out is done fasted mostly.

    sprint on a cycle for 2 and half mins 20/10
    burpee to pull-up 8-7-10-10
    overhead dumbbell lunges x15 each leg 35#
    for 4 rounds

    saw that my gym had some tires so i did some tire flipping for my cool down. Just getting use to the movement. I also did 3 sets of box jumping on top of 2 stacked tires for about 10 each set. Stacked tires were stacked about waist high.

    Total time 30mins

    Baby is in bed. Wife is dozing off.
    Time to relax. Watch some netflix, play some xbox 360.
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    Welcome! Go for it!

    Maybe more veg and less dairy?

    Is one brick chocolate one square?

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    yes hedonist. 1 square. about 60 cals.

    Updated my goals.


    D: sirloin beef steak w/ blue cheese butter. 1 large sweet potato w/ butter and cinnamon.

    1 peach
    1 plumb
    2 banana

    later that night:

    3 eggs, 4 bacon strips. 2 cups of spinach.
    2 slice of natural cheddar cheese.

    I agree i need up my veggies and lower my diary. Will shop for some veggies today after taking wife to work. 3 days ago i had just finished my bag of broccoli

    Work out: About 15 sets of 10 of different types of push ups. 15 sets of 10 of different pull ups. 3 sets of 10 double hand kettlebell swings. 3 sets Goblet squats x10. 3 sets of burpees for 10. 5 sets of jumping lunges for 10 on each leg. 3 sets of jumping squats. 2 sets of dive bombers of 7. 30 second planks x3.
    kettlebell snatch x10 on each arm. 2 sets of 4x handstands push ups with heels on wall.
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    D: t-bone steak and 2 cups broccoli w/ natural butter.
    cheese cake
    20 Almonds
    4 dates.
    about 10-15 chicken wings.
    split a piece of german chocolate cake with my wife.

    Rest Day

    Didnt do much yesterday but play with my 1 year old and carry him though the store while i picked up some things.


    Parents came into town and took us out to lunch

    L: baby back ribs (full rack)dry rub with broccoli.
    10-15 almonds
    Avocado mixed with salsa and lime juice.
    Bannana almond vanilla shake

    I work the swings shift friday and satday so I dont eat from 3pm to 11pm. Sometimes when i get home i make a couple eggs and bacon.

    Work out:
    No work out just enjoyed family today before i started my swing shift.

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