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Thread: How do I avoid emotional eating?

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    How do I avoid emotional eating?

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    I've been noticing that when I eat, it's usually not because I'm hungry, it's because I'm stressed/pissed off about something. I was just wondering, what do you guys do to avoid emotional eating when you don't have control over the triggers for it?

    Right now I'm 20 years old, living with my parents in a 3 bedroom house with 6 people. My bedroom is an extra living room, and I'm unemployed and not in school right now. Every once in a while I'll go for a run or take my bike out for a ride, but I still run to the fridge as soon as I get back. I think once I can get a job (hopefully will be working at Subway, not much but I'll take it) I'll have more control over my eating, but right now being constantly bored with my family being my family, I am out of control.

    (If you're wondering why I'm a waste of a human being right now, I'm waiting to get residency to go to school, and will be moving in with my fiance, who is going to the Naval school right now, next year.)

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    I find the best way to avoid emotional or boredom eating (and kick your depression in the pants) is to get out of the house and/or be productive. And I know it's easier said than done (took me 10 months to find my current job). Find volunteer work to do (nursing home, school, hospital, animal shelter, etc), see if there are any free classes at the library, heck just go to the library and read in the mornings, find a book club online, go hiking, get your first aid certification and babysit (d@mn good money and a good babysitter is always in demand), and definitely make regular plans with friends (they understand you're broke, but will happily take a walk with you or just hang out with a cup of coffee/tea/etc).

    I know where you're at, but hang in there! Also, as someone who grew up next to a military base - I met a lot of military spouses and several of my friends married guys in the service. Developing some fufilling hobbies, social networks and coping mechanisms for handling their absence while they're on tour or at work was really helpful.

    Best wishes!

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    You're noticing - you've already done the hard part. I can second Kitana's recommendation of volunteering. Apart from that... when I'm on autopilot I'll also eat when I'm thirsty; the solution for me is to make water more easily accessible than food.

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    Stop having emotions? hahaha... hopefully that doesn't piss you off but make you laugh... which was my intention .

    If i'm feeling depressed, I start writing down all the things i'm grateful for.

    Another thing less pollyanna-y would by hypnotherapy which has also been successful for me.

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    I second the suggestion of taking up a hobby. If you do something fiddly like embroidery, you get an extra bonus - you won't want to eat while you're doing it, because you won't want to get your work dirty!

    Seriously, it is amazing how fulfilling it is to pass the time doing something productive. Even if what you are producing is small, it can be very satisfying.

    Good luck!

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    Fall in love. Seriously. Haha :P

    Just do something that makes you happy instead of eating that fills you with serotonin, since that's what the sugar does. Could be anything, really. Have your mom scratch your back (I'm 19 and this still happens ). Go for a few sprints. Take a bath (or five in one day if necessary). Call a friend and play a card game....

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    Fall in love. Seriously. Haha :P

    Did that, but I only get to see that love once a week since he's in school

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys. Maybe I'll take up sketching again, that always get me busy for hours. Plus it's free and I can do it outside and get some Vitamin D at the same time.

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    Sketching is a good idea. Also consider taking community classes. They usually cost a little money, but not too much. You could start up a local primal group or an intra-mural sports team (playing ultimate frisbee, for example).

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    alll good advice .. heres a different tangent ... emotionally eat something healthy .... grab a carrot etc ??

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    You need to deal with the pain that you're trying to suppress with food. That most likely means confronting someone who's wounded you in the past.
    ďThe whole concept of a macronutrient, like that of a calorie, is determining our language game in such a way that the conversation is not making sense." - Dr. Kurt Harris

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