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Thread: Primal journal (rachellynne)

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    Primal journal (rachellynne)

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    Week one, done. Seven pounds down..

    Yesterday ended week one of going primal for my husband and I (though he had some slip-ups for his birthday, but I forgave him).

    We're both adjusting pretty well. Haven't had any cravings yet. I didn't expect it to be going this easy actually, but it's been great. I don't miss carbs at all.

    I have loads more energy already and have been sleeping a lot better.

    I had written a post last week about having irregular periods for about a year now. I'm not sure if it was cutting out the carbs or not, but I got it on time last month and this month, which has not happened since last October. That was by far the biggest improvement yet.

    On to week two..

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