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    Carrot and Apple Salad

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    I've been making this for a few years now. Used to eat it piled into pita bread, but very nice with other things. Don't be put off by the mix of ingredients, they work really well together.

    1 carrot, grated
    1 apple, grated
    handful of raisins or sultanas
    handful of chopped walnuts or pumpkin seeds
    splash of balsamic vinegar
    sprinkle of sesame seeds

    Mix all the ingredients together and serve.

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    Sounds good! Would need to be a once in a while treat though.

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    I love that type of salad

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    Here's a quick one

    raw broccoli or califlower or both
    green onion
    dried cranberries or raisins
    crushed walnuts
    cheese cubed ( optional)
    bacon bits
    dried pepper flakes (optional)

    (dressing)bacon mayo w/ a splash of rice vingar

    combine chill for 1/2 hr

    one more

    olives of choice
    diced green peppers( put in cold ice water for about 10 min.s to make them supper crunchy)
    diced cuccumber "" ""

    (dressing ) splash of olive oil,lime and a little stevia
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