I've repeated this sort of day a few times now. Breakfast was left over roast pork, with some veggies, and fat (which I shared with my 15 month baby). 5 hours later I stilll was not actually hungry. My stomach felt flat and my body was not signalling me to eat. BUT.. my mind! I feel depressed. Low. Planning my next carb fix. I got home from an hour walk, and even though I thought I should eat the rest of the roast port for lunch, it was not calling me the way it normall does. But, I feel so down.. ( It could be PMT, period is due any day now). But is this downess normal? I so want to get off the carbs and eat primal which I know is the best for me. So now I'm eating junk and drinking wine to make my self feel better.. HELP!!!! What do I do? Am I just weak willed?