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Thread: Better than French Fries...

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    Sorry, but I just made "french fries" out of sweet potatoes in coconut oil, and they were better than any okra I've ever tried. Okra is ok, don't get me wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lev96 View Post
    Finally just got around to trying your recipe, and my taste buds say... its a winner! Good stuff, thanks!
    Glad you liked it lev96!! Thanks for reporting back:-)

    And no doubt tfarny, sweet potatoes are definitely better than okra to me too, but okra was in abundance at that time, plus okra is a better choice for me right now since I have a few pounds to lose. But if it is was my last meal and I had to choose, I'd pick sweet potatoes over okra too! :-)
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    Here is a recipe that I tried last night where you cut the pods in half first: Oven Roasted Okra Fries | Lesley Eats

    They were pretty blah but perked up with a little olive oil and vinegar plus celtic sea salt. Easy and quick way to fix okra...they are good later right out of the fridge, too.

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