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Thread: Patellar tendinitis

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    I have patellar tendinitis (aka jumpers knee) and sometimes it flares up really bad.

    I was wondering if anyone knows any primal remedies for this. What kind of shoes should I not wear etc?

    As much as I wish I could, I am not in a position in my life that allows me to "go primal" very much. Vibram's are out of the question. But any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Ah, welcome to hell. I was diagnosed last spring. Too much running, eh? Best thing you can do is wear shoes with as little of a sole as possible. I have Nike Frees for running. People will tell you that you can run in Vibrams, but I bet they haven't come down on a rock.

    Also, stretching is key. I wasn't stretching near enough, and that makes it worse. As soon as I let up on the running, got better shoes, and stretched more, the pain vanished.

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    Have you checked this web site?

    Also, there was a discussion about the tendinitis from which I suffer for my shoulder. Some have given really helpful suggestions:

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    Why not just go barefoot?

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