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Thread: Hungry in Autumn

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    I totally agree with being allowed to eat anything. I do the same thing. I 'let' myself have anything I want, which is why my bar of Ritter-Sport chocolate lasts me over a week. I know that I can have a piece today, and tomorrow- or even later if I want to. Although, I did this the other day with some frozen gyoza, cooked half and planned on having the other half another day. I cooked enough for the hubby and I to share as a snack. Then about 30 minutes later he cooked the rest (in the micro no less!), which ruined my chance to have more later- and let me feeling deprived!

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    nutmeg...mmm mmm LOL!
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers

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    Quote Originally Posted by queen_sheba View Post
    plus - at those events - pile your plate with the turkey and the veggies and there will be no room for the other carbier stuff (don't know what you guys have bu we have roast potatos, yorkshire puds etc)
    Yorkshire pudding?? Mmmmm... and to think, I have all the ingredients for that right now!!!

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    It's getting cool here in northern California too - we got a nice blanket of snow on Mt. Shasta last night. This weather seems to tell me it's time for rich, hearty brown ales, Belgian ales, stouts and porters. It's also time to retire my breathable waders for the season and switch to the old neoprenes for autumn/winter fishing. I do love this time of year.

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