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Thread: Primal Journal - Debbie

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    Primal Journal - Debbie

    I'm on day three and, already, I see some definition around the top of my trunk ... the top of my ribcage, that area above my ab's. Woo hoo!

    I am going to ease into this whole deal. One of the reasons this appealed to me was because it affirmed what I already knew: I should eat what makes me feel good and not put so much stock in what others say. It's fine to listen because, hey ... something may apply to me. When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

    BUT, another huge reason I liked this was because I don't think it's natural to measure my food portions or count my servings. So, for now, I'm keeping this journal real loose. As I see more progress, I will probably be motivated to take measurements (of me, not the food!).

    I'm looking for grass-fed beef, etc, in my area. For the time, I will have to settle on my local farmer's market and the organic section of Hannaford's.

    So, for breakfast I had a spicy chicken sausage, sliced and browned ... added some baby portobello's that I sliced fairly thick ... and topped with three handfuls of organic baby spinach. Yum

    My lunch is going to be mesclun greens topped with a can of tuna (in olive oil). I'll bring some organic carrots and celery, and a lime to drizzle on top of the greens before adding the tuna.

    Dinner? I don't know. I'm full already from having eaten breakfast and planning lunch. Maybe I'll pick up some raw sunflower seeds enroute to work. Which, hey ... it's about that time. Adios

    PS - I'll get back to exercise. It's been nearly a month. My endocrinologist has me doing a saliva-cortisol test to figure out the root of this damn fatigue. I haven't told him that I think I know the answer and I'm on day three of reversing it.
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