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Thread: How much meat a day

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    Jess, my Publix carries Maverick Ranch bacon. It is uncured and nitrate free. See if yours has it or can get it.

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    This is a good thread. I will be getting a chance to go completely primal for 4 days next month.

    I am planning to eat a Kg (2pounds) of meat (fish etc), including the bones, per day, and little veggies. I will be adding a lot of fats. I think will be using half a Kg of fermented cream for marination. Maybe more for cooking.

    From comments here, it seems that 1Kg might be on the higher side.

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    I'd say just figure out what your appetite is. If your appetite is for 2kg of meat a day and your weight is doing what you want, I wouldn't worry about it. But don't waste the meat stuffing yourself past when you're full.

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