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Thread: Caveman Workouts

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    Caveman Workouts

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    This is by no means a commercial for the magazine, but FitnessRx for men magazine recently published two articles. The first was about Caveman fitness.. The article was very well written in my opinion and is pretty much on line with the PB lifestyle. The second article was concerning Caveman nutrition, which again is nearly identical to the PB lifestyle. If anyone has read this article, please reply and tell me what you think.. I have adopted the workouts and sub in some other movements as well and I think its great, however, I got a bit overzealous and was doing them 3 on and 1 off... I have since changed to doing them every other day with some slow cardio at the end for 30 min then on the opposing days 45 min to an hour of easy paced jogging, biking or walking with a weighted vest around my neighborhood. Any questions or comments please feel free to reply. Thank you.

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    You didn't mention their article on "Caveman Sex". Obviously, I found the website, but there's not a lot on it other than the index of the current month.

    Seems like the author of the Caveman Fitness article (Thomas Fahey) writes in a lot of fitness magazines and is a professor of Physical Fitness at CSU Chico.

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