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    Cool Who's excited about XC ski season?

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    My new rollerskis shipped today. Went top shelf with V2 XL150S with speed reducers and emergency brake set-up. Also got new Alpina Rollerski (breatheable) boots. Total cost was $750, but they should last a good long time and I will get my money's worth for sure. I can't wait to get out on the trails around here on the new wheels and get the crazy looks from all the NorCal folks who have never seen rollerskis! It's only a few short months until the snow falls in Tahoe and we can wax up the skinny skis and start racing!

    Anyone else XC ski for fitness? We should all meet for the Great Ski Race in Tahoe this March. 30K race from Tahoe City to Truckee. A blast of an event, I have completed it three times now and can't wait to see how my primal training compliments my skiing.

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    Seriously all years. We have greaqt trails,very well groomed, in Anchorage with maybe 40-50 km w/ lights. The Tour of Anchorage (25-40-50 km race) through the heart of Anchorage is a great time. First weekend in March, timed with the start of the Iditarod.

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    I am pumped about downhill skiing and snowshoeing, so close but not the same. The roller skis sound awesome though!
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    I am always excited about the start of the XC season. Hiking the hills at Kincaid with poles, mountain biking, swimming, sprinting, and paddling to get ready. Hope we have a repeat of last year's great snow. Ski season is the high point of the Alaskan year.

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    Wow cool, I've never even heard of roller skiing! Now I live in the Canadian Rockies, so... we get lots of winter! lol I'm way excited to get snowboarding! <3 It snowed a little yesterday, but just a teaser.

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    It's been years since I have XC skied. I try and find someone to go with me each year, but never succeed. I might have to go solo this year...

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    I have never done it, but I plan on trying this year. We can rent skis and stuff from the Outdoor Rec, so I can see if I like it before I invest in my own equipment. The season here is quite long, so if I like it I will definitely buy my own stuff.

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    i've been XC skiing since, like, 7th grade. love it. except in ohio, you can't really get the good stuff in until about january-february, which is a bummer.

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    YES!! I Love XC skiing! being in the middle of Sweden helps! I have done the Vasaloppet (90K) twice, and will do the ½version in february. Love, love, love snow!

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    I L O V E S N O W!!!! that's why I live where I do (Winter Park? Hello!!) I can xc practically outside my front door. Day or night (head lamps, Ya!). I also love to tele at the resorts (I live by 2) and snowboard, and snowblade This year I want to add snowshoes to my pile of snow toys. Bring it! I'm ready

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