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Thread: What are Primal Friendly Companies You Would Work For?

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    Hmmm. I don't work for what would necessarily be called a primal-friendly company. However, they have a *great* philanthropic model -- 1-1-1.

    1% profit--money donated to non-profit causes
    1% product--support over 6000 non-profits for free on the software
    1% productivity--they pay me 4 hours per month to go work with non-profits. It's a huge part of the company culture -- you're expected to go do non-profit work on a regular basis.

    They purchase carbon offsets for the office buildings, trying to reduce their carbon footprint. All the flatware in the office is "spudware" -- made from potatoes and 100% compostable. They frequently "fine" departments that leave fancy screen-savers running, instead of turning off the screen (and saving electricity.) They moved from bottled water to filtered water systems. And so on.

    Maybe instead of just primal as your focus, you could also look at how companies use their influence in the community? Just my $.02.
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    A local farm would probaly be the simplist thing to do. A neat idea - try a crop mob.

    Crop mobs are made up of people that go to a farm on the weekend and help out with work, and for payment receive food.
    It's a great way to build community, help people out, without wholly committing to a specific place or type of work.

    Here's a link to a cropmob -
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    I think my ultimate dream job would be farming. How much more primal can you get then digging in the dirt, pulling out the veggies, chopping wood to keep you warm, milking your own goats, watching your cattle get nice and fat on organic grass pastures? I know it would be dirty and smelly and a lot of hard physical labour but all those things attract me to the idea more so. I like the idea of knowing where my food came from and being proud that I was about to produce a bounty. A few pots of tomatoes and lettuce on my balcony just aren't enough to feel like a true provider. We move in ten days (why yes I am counting down the days!) and next spring I will have a small garden but not enough space for chicken sadly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikebike View Post
    In this economy you're lucky enough to be employed at a decent paying job, much less find some thing so specific. Good luck in your endeavors.
    Yea and I'll add that I live in Michigan where the economy is the worse out of all 50 states!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Leanne View Post
    but I often feel conflicted that I am in a field that contradicts the lifestyle I myself am trying to follow.
    This is what I do NOT want. It doesn't have to be pro primal... but something that contradicts it completely would be tough... say working at just about any fast food place...

    I have thought about applying at any restaurant that need servers. I have never been a server but believe I would be excellent at it. It would just be hard working at say an italian restaurant where someone more than likely wants something grain based and they ask the servers for recommendations... just saying...
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