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Thread: any former raw vegans out there? I have some questions... page 5

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    Durian is delish (fresh, high quality). It's one of those things that is kinda nasty at first, but then you can't get it off your mind and want to go back for more, like kombucha or that soggy ethopian bread. It's pretty fatty too. I hear the reason that's it's banned is because of the smell. Many tropical fruits are spiky. Anyone ever try to get into a ripe coconut straight off the tree? A challenge to say the least.
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    No, we just used to find them on the ground already.

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    durian's good stuff. haven't had it in years, but it's still tasty.

    I did time as a raw vegan. They let me out for bad behavior.

    ...and I vote to lump them in the Pro-Ana camp fo' shizzle. for raw "leaders"/con men, following their own advice?.... 'nuff said.

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