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Thread: Almond Crunchies

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    Almond Crunchies

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    I was craving a treat last night, and this is the result. The first thing I thought of when I tried this was "Chick-O-Stix!"

    Main Ingredients:
    Almond Butter
    Shredded coconut
    Coconut oil

    In a bowl, add a good amount of the shredded coconut, then add Almond butter, and a little coconut oil. Stir it until there is no loose coconut, and add more almond butter if there is excess coconut. wrap a small amount in plastic wrap, smash and squeeze into cookies or bars, and add to the freezer.

    I havent had time yet to try this as a room temperature snack, because I immediately eat them after removing from the freezer.

    Next I will try PB&J style by adding dates, dried cherries, and dried blueberries(Puree them first).

    I think it would be great with any combination of nuts, fruit, and maybe honey or cocao. Any suggestions?

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    Sounds good....I have not ventured into those types of still afraid I would sit there and eat the entire thing! Might be good with cranberries too!

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    Interesting. I was just thinking about something similar to this last night - coconut almond flour. My thoughts were also what to do with it if it were a total failure, and coconut almond butter was the obvious answer. I'm guessing that toasting the coconut fist would rock.

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    Cranberries would be awesome! I must pick some up tonight.

    The coconut I used was surprisingly pretty dry and crunchy, but toasting sounds like a great idea!

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