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Thread: The TRUTH about WHEAT and OATS

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    The TRUTH about WHEAT and OATS

    This vital information is from a VERY reputable cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, who practices cardiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His Blog is TOP SHELF with a WEALTH of tips and information. The credibility of his blog is what got me started on the Primal style diet. If you have a question about anything related to diet, search his blog for the BEST answers.

    Each article is very short, blunt and to the point.
    * Wheat Free Diet gets AMAZING results:

    * Grains - Fat melting away from not eating grains

    * Wheat - Makes us feel Hungry

    * Wheat - Visceral Fat, Man Boobs, Breast Cancers, blood sugar, Big Belly

    * Wheat Belly, weight gain, Bad Cholesterol, Brain Fog, heart disease, lost energy

    * Wheat Benefits = none

    * Wheat-insulin resistance,diabetes,heart disease,hypertension,cancer,arthritis,cartilage

    * Wheat - Your Brain on Wheat

    * Wheat Severe Joint Pain

    * Wheat the Nicotine of Food contributes MIGHTILY to Diabetes

    * Oatmeal-Rocketing blood sugar, pancreas damage, equal to a bowl of jelly beans

    Also please share the above links with friends & relatives.

    Best of health to all,
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