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Thread: Does anyone else just LOVE Ray Mears (and Bear Grylls to an extent)

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    Does anyone else just LOVE Ray Mears (and Bear Grylls to an extent)

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    See what the great man says here....

    "Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who ate a lot of meat and fish. They had a completely different diet from ours today, and if we were still eating that diet, I’m certain we wouldn’t be getting as ill,” says Mears. “We still have a Stone Age body. We have modern minds, but our brains and bodies still require the same food.”

    A typical day for Mears begins with a bowl of fruit, followed by a lunch of salad, wild mushrooms and venison - usually from deer he has shot on one of the country estates near his home in Sussex.

    you rock Ray
    Scottish Sarah

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    Haven't seen RayMears, but can't stop watching Bear. Normally I would consider him a bit of a knob, but for some reason I find the show addictive. So me and some friends are getting into hiking now.

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