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Thread: How much coffee is too much?

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    I know for myself, I used to be hooked during University (2-3 Large coffees a day). I slowly weened myself off after I graduated. Sometime over the last year or so, I started up again and was only drinking 1 Large/day (the odd decaf or green tea latte here and there).

    On Monday, I stop drinking coffee and want to kick the caffeine habit. I thought it was easy and could control it. I started feeling lethargic, I got a runny nose, muscle tension and pain, a 2 day long headache and fluctuations between hot and cold feelings. Turns out that I was going through caffeine withdrawals. I guess I was more dependent on it than I thought I was.

    It is day 4 and I feel like a million bucks finally. I am getting incredibly sound sleep and I am less anxious and worrisome.

    If you want to ween yourself off, you can do it one of two ways:

    -Cold turkey - if you feel that you have the will power and the ability to tough out any physical symptoms

    -Slow and steady - cut it in half every week. 2 cup/day max this week. 2 cups (half caff)/day next. 1.5 cups (1 full, 1 half caff)... you get my drift.

    The reason I called it off was similar to yours, I did not want to be dependent on it and I was starting to get the jitters after I consumed some coffee.

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    I try to stop drinking coffee by 10AM. After that, water 'til beer time.

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    Thank you for all these responses. Especially Mick's... that was a good read. Calcium in the urine of coffee drinkers is probably a result of it's acidity. Calcium is used as a pH buffer to restore alkaline balance (I think) so there is always calcium in urine after eating acidic foods. All the more reason to load up on green veggies!

    I do enjoy drinking coffee for the taste/ritual, but might try and cut out the late afternoon cup for better sleep.

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    The pH in the gut doesn't screw with blood pH that much, so that's not the reason for the effect. It's actually just caffeine.

    So drinking decaf could fix that.

    Alternately, note that it's 5mg of calcium in your urine for every 150mg of caffeine (about a cup of coffee), and the RDA for calcium is 1000mg. As the study notes, for people who aren't both elderly and consuming inadequate calcium, they found no ill effects, because you tend to compensate by absorbing more.

    I particularly doubt it would be a problem if drink most of your coffee before 11am (as I do) and typically intermittently fast through breakfast, so the bulk of your calcium absorption is not coincident with the caffeine intake. Plus, now that I look at it, 1tbsp of heavy cream has 9.8mg of calcium in it, so just put 1-2tsp of heavy cream in each cup of coffee and it will both taste awesome and offset your calcium loss.

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    are you still awake if can't get your fix? if not, you're drinking too much coffee. this addiction will eventually catch up with your adrenal glands. if your body wants sleep, and you tell it GO GO GO, thats a major stressor. this kind of stress is going to impede the parasympathetic nervous system ie muscle repair and digestion.

    so if you want to have a vice like coffee, you better be damn healthy.

    also, everyone is different; keep your body's caffeine sensitivity level in mind.

    and make sure the beans are organic.

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    I've managed to cut my coffee consumption to one 6-ounce cup of (black) espresso per day. At this point it's one of the few vices I could potentially eliminate to see if it helped with weight loss. So come next month, giving it up for a month might be my personal challenge...

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    I've been off coffee 3 weeks now, zero, just to see what the lack of coffee does me! I've been a habitual 1 big French press pot drinker every morning for years. Black, like my heart.

    Today, I had coffee for the first time in 3 weeks. To see what would go down, I did a blood glucose test with my little diabetic's blood tester (neat little gadget, even though I'm not diabetic). I tested a baseline fasted overnight (14 hours+) at 95, then 20 minutes after cofffee at 98, then one hour later at 98, 2 hours later at 99, so blood glucose really didn't move. Don't know what that says about insulin overall, but shows that likely, for me, the caffeine in that one French Press is not a big rush. I've stayed in a fasted state with only the coffee to monitor any changes. Your mileage may vary!

    I've relegated coffee to a treat, a cheat. No sweeteners just black coffee occasionally, nice to not "need" it every morning.

    On a separate note, carrying a blood glucose meter shuts people down at social food-intensive gatherings. When grain, sugar, starchy high carb foods are offered, just pulling out my meter and saying "sorry, have to pass, gotta watch my insulin/blood glucose response to carbs" makes people back off the offers of bad stuff! And it isn't even a lie, we humans really do need to watch that insulin bomb!

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    @Acmebike, hahaha, I like your idea of carrying a blood glucose meter.

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