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    books are expensive

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    So I've been looking into some books I would like to get ...
    Trick and Treat, Nutrition and Physical degeneration, lights out; sugar sleep and survival, good calories bad calories (already read it, want a hard copy), robb wolfs book, which I actually just ordered. And they're so expensive! Does anybody know where I can get them cheaper? Or who will send them to me for free ? thatd be nice.

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    11,990 Compares prices from all over the webb and gives you the cheapest per book and the cheapest combinations. Prices include shipping. I've gotten books dirt cheap.
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    If you don't mind reading and returning, you can borrow from the library. If you have any second hand stores that carry books, I can assure you that their "health and diet" section is often very large. And when all that fails I'll go to Amazon, and hook up with a cheap rate.

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    ditto the above. I shop on amazon a lot... sometimes you can get books super cheap in the "used" section... just make sure to add on the shipping to see if it's worth it. I also do get some books on kindle edition... depends... will let you list books you have and want to get rid of, and you can list books you want... they'll match you up and you pay $3 something for shipping and just swap the book.

    Try your library. You can usually log in online and order books from whatever library to be delivered to your "home" library. This is good if you're a fast reader and only get a couple at a time!

    Used bookstores, for sure! Even goodwill and thrift stores... I do a lot of that kind of shopping and I always check the book section, you never know what will be there...
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    Best website for books. Searches across thousands of used booksellers. Single interface to buy from any of them. Love it. Cheap. Even some fairly recent books (like PB) can be found on there.

    Library's OK except I like to keep and re-read and give away my books.
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