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Thread: Hello from the Bay Area! A late introduction.

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    Hello from the Bay Area! A late introduction.

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    Yeah, totally forgot to post a hello post when I joined this forum. I've already moved on and started bugging people in the big kid forums.

    I posted a pretty thorough introduction on my blog about a week back, it should serve well if anyone is actually curious:

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    Welcome, BoyPrimal! I'm in the Bay Area, too. San Jose, actually. Where are you? I'm trying to arrange a grok-feast with TAWFUNGUY, since he's local, too.
    I bookmarked your blog yesterday. Eager to see how it shapes up.
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    AHA! The mystery of my one follower has reached a satisfying conclusion.

    I'm around the Palo Alto area and would be very excited about a grok-feast, grok-fest, or just grok-casual. It's cool to see others in the area.

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