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Thread: "I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat but farm it properly"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    Posted it to my Facebook and already my vegan friends are up in arms about it.
    Griff: - Never afraid to chuck a carrot at the rabid rabbits of veganism!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longtail4711 View Post
    I was a vegan for about 1 1/2 years, because I'm very much into animal rights (and I love veggies). But I failed to thrive on it and a lot of the health problems which were compounded and made worse (which I now understand was from eating all that grain). I returned to eating meat and after some adjustment, I felt much better with less problems. Switching to Primal cleared up all those health problems for good and I THRIVE on it.

    I bought a few meat rabbits for $10 the other day and had to kill and butcher them myself (first time for me). And I hated doing it. It's not easy reconciling being a predator and a compassionate and aware being who loves animals.

    But at the same time, I feel good knowing my dog and I are eating fresh, natural, ethically raised meat. Being unemployed and with very little money, $10 for three rabbits that will feed me and the dog wholesome for two weeks was too good to pass up. And I hardly wasted anything. The blood, organs, heads, and feet went to the dog, the roasts are in the freezer for me, and the pelts will be tanned and sold to friends of mine who can use them for art and clothing projects.
    How does your dog typically eat? I wonder if dogs need a transition period from store bought "dry" foods to meats, especially raw meats... I'll do some research, my girlfriend has a dog but it never eats regular food. It's this cardboard colored pebbles that she puts some water on and that's it. The dog seems to eat out of pure necessity, never enjoyment like the street dogs I grew up with that ate all our leftovers. Those dogs ATE like men that had been working all day, this one barely gets excited.

    Edit: Same story with her cat actually, but the cat is pretty old now, 16 years so transitioning to a raw meat diet might be too much. At least she eats what appears to be some type of canned fish. It's supposed to be medicated, but it also eats dry foods, it's so odd to watch. I showed my gf footage from when I was in Peru last month. I took my camera to the markets and purposely got video of cats and dogs hanging by the butchers and eating the fat and meat that fell on the floor. She had never seen this before.

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    I'm a recovering vegetarian... As of about 4 weeks ago when I came across Mark's site and decided to finally go primal all the way. I still don't enjoy meat but I eat it because I know it's good for me. However, unlike most veggies, I enjoy killing and butchering animals Have lived on a farm all my life and have no problems with that, I just had never eaten meat so it was just a "I don't like meat" thing in my head. Thankfully we have a steer we raised in the freezer, just got to get a bunch of chickens to butcher. Awesome job butchering the rabbits, we tried that a few years ago, raising rabbits. Didn't have very much luck with them, for some reason they wouldn't breed, but we did butcher a few. I'm working on buying a couple lambs to butcher, my husband says lamb is delicious, I'm looking forwards to try it

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