...this could also apply to the groks as well, but with today's societal expectations, the women are more susceptible to this. in order to be attractive, or "fit", we all gotta be a size 0 and weigh as close to 100 lbs as possible, dontchya know.

as i'm reading challenge journals, i see lots of things like "i need to lose 10/20/50 lbs" or "i want to get to X weight because i don't look good at Y weight", and it's bugging me so i thought i'd address my issue with its own attention whoring post.

grokettes, i implore you to really, really look at how you view yourself, your body, and your goals while doing this challenge. just losing weight is great, but there is so much more to this lifestyle than just losing weight.

i used to say 'ditch the scale', but i know for people with a lot to lose, sometimes this can be a helpful progress tracking tool. [see: the paper towel theory] however, do NOT base your self worth, progress, IQ, ability to play scrabble, or whatever else, on whatever number that scale tells you. you are not that number. that number going down *can* be good, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

and i'll use myself as an example here, because hi, attention whore:

on the left is a photo of me from 8 years ago. i wore a size 14. on the right, a pic taken a couple of months ago. i'm a size 6.

you know what doesn't differ in these photos? my weight. i weigh almost exactly the same now as i did back then.

muscle is good. you want muscle. build it. please remember, also, that muscle is denser than fat:

which means as you shrink, you just might - gasp - gain some weight in the process as you build the good stuff. i am seeing way too many females around here freaking out over gaining a pound or two over a few days and then cutting their food intake drastically in fear that they are losing progress. you cut back calories and the weight starts going down again. then you have to do it again. and again. and then you end up jacking your metabolism, so you're stuck at eating only 500 calories a day for the rest of your life. do you *really* want to do that, or do you really want to enjoy your food?

i love food. food is awesome. i like to eat it.

it's hard, i know it is - especially when you are bombarded by all the CW crap about females having to be skinny, and the only way to look good is to weigh as little as possible.

it's crap.

i ask that y'all *really* think about your goals and how you measure your progress. use the scale, sure - but find something else to complement that. take measurements with a tape measure, or buy some body fat calipers online - they're cheap. or, just find a pair of pants and track how they fit from week to week.

focus on being *lean* and *strong*, not just weighing less. weight is not the only measurement of improvement. if you were told you could get a bod a la linda hamilton in t2:

but had to weigh 10 lbs more than what you do now, i bet most of you would go for it.

being a size 2 and 108 lbs doesn't mean crap if you are still 36% bodyfat.

that's still unhealthy.

focus on the PB principles. eat your food. lift heavy things. build muscle. don't worry about the scale so much. everything else will fall into place.