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Thread: for my fellow grokettes...

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    Thank you for your timely post. I do have a weight loss goal, because it is a benchmark of where I know that I feel good. Having said that, it isn't all about the scale. I weigh weekly to mark the "progress", but I am also keeping a food diary and exercise journal. I have taken measurements, and will check those every two or three weeks to see how things are going. I will not be obsessive - been there done that in the past. I love seeing the muscles show themselves after being in "hiding" for too long!

    -Celebrating the small victories...

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    Excellent post Batty! Thanks for saying it and thanks for showing it.

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    Every bit of this is true, and I have a ridiculous, drooling girl-crush on you, Batty

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    Batty - Thanks for the great post. I share your sentiments exactly, and notice that all too often people are hung up on their "weight" which in my opinion is just another form of misused CW. I've been sneaking a few posts in here and there suggesting to people to stop focusing so much on the scale, but never with as much detail and explanation as what you've provided here. You (g)rock!

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    Ha ha, nicely done! This is why my "goal" weight is actually at least 15# above where "they" say it should be, b/c I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and I love me some muscle.

    It's just a little hard to put all my measurements on the siggy line to keep me motivated, lol!

    (And when I had caliper testing done back in the day, it always put me at 13-14%BF which was completely nonsense - they just didn't pinch me where I tend to carry my weight, upper/back thighs & butt.)
    5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
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    You're preaching to the choir, here!
    Thanks for posting this; I thought it was great and it's why I love this lifestyle.
    I would happily weigh more if it were muscle and I really dislike the term "skinny". I find nothing attractive about that word or that look.

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    Hey Batty - super post.

    Bonus - another look at Batty's nice tummy ...
    Double Bonus - Batty scarfing the dessert - caught on camera ...

    i ask that y'all *really* think about your goals and how you measure your progress. use the scale, sure - but find something else to complement that.
    Triple Bonus - for the Win - Batty spells and uses the word 'complement' (as a verb, no less!) correctly in a sentence. That's right folks, she's Fit AND Brainy!

    PS My kindergartner started school 2 weeks ago also. So bittersweet. Aren't they awesome at 5? Your blog stories and pictures about your son strike a chord with me. Thanks for all the enjoyment reading your stuff.

    Don't ever change Batty.
    Never eat anything bigger than your own head.

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    Great post Batty.

    Before I started my journey I spent a few months wrapping my brain around viewing success in terms of health not pounds. I told myself that if I got healthy by a number of personally and medically determined standards then I was successful. I also told myself that I could and would be fine being obese, by the scales, as long as I met my health standards.

    This shift in mindset has allowed me to focus on guidelines and implement the steps needed to achieve health. With this new outlook there has not been one time where I had the dreaded, OMG, I did everything right. I've eaten less than a rabbit and gained 2 pounds, might as well face plant myself into


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    Great advice! You've motivated me to get out the "goal" jeans and stop the *%^& out of the scale I'm thinking sledge hammer workout....

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    Yay Batty! My sentiments exactly.

    I was scale obsessed back when I was 184-145 in the past few months I've reached the true understanding that it doesn't matter. It's virtually worthless as an indicator of health. I've looked at pictures of my Mother when she was 130 lbs and she was a flabby victim of the 1980's low fat cardio craze. Not a muscle to be seen. *sigh*

    Maybe when I look like Linda Hamilton in T2 then she'll realize that I may be on to something.
    "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

    "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith

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